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  • I've literally been trying to keep the thread alive, i think when people read my posts no one new will try to write anything lol. Every so often I write in my other thread grimoire.

    How've you been tho dude? You move again? (I sure as hell did lol)
    welcome back dude, it was boring af without you lmao. good to see some real fire!
    Lol I knew you were still alive J. I dropped some bars for you in the freestyle thread, actually stay a while, chuman is whack af.

    what's up man. you got a facebook or something to keep in touch before you fade away again? lmao
    Mind if I borrow your Rhyme Book idea?

    I want to make a thread in the Poetry section to post random rhymes and flows to advance my style, but I don't want to use your idea without asking you first.
    Didn't think so, I'd like to post in the Freestyle thread much more, but I don't want to break the double posting within 24 hours rule.

    But what's up off the forums?
    How would you feel about a rap tournament? Would you be willing to co-host one with me and possibly Voice and/or king_mickey rule (if they say yes)?
    So true. And that's the hip-hop way of writing lyrics. People who make hip-hop music tend to first make the song (the instrumental) and only afterwards, they'll write lyrics.

    I hope one day I'll be able to both make my music that good so I can write lyrics when listening to that. As for now, I'm not good enough haha :D

    I remixed Set Fire To The Rain from Adele some months ago, very fun song to play with!
    Well, it's rap but it's slow paced. I wrote it when listening to this: Fort Minor - Cigarettes instrumental - YouTube and used that instrumental to write my lyrics.
    Hey man, what'ya think of my new rap in the freestyle thread? :) I'm trying to actually write some real lyrics instead of battle rap nowadays, just so I won't get bored out of the battle rap.

    Nice work on your new one btw, I think you got better!
    Hey, we need you in the Freestyle thread. CC only wants to rap with you, currently and I haven't rapped in a couple weeks.
    Yeah, thanks. I can still handle him when he raps, he is a pro, and I'm not. I just hope I can improve
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