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Recent content by DarkestSora

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    Weird dreams...

    BTW it's sense not sence and I've had a dream that I was Sora and I was fightin that huge dragon thing in Mulan's world it was kinda cool and me and Mulan did a double move Xd I luved it until it was time for school
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    a few things on party memberz and such...

    I don't think that Kairi will b a party member but I hope Shang isn't a party member I'd rather use Mulan and Riku could b a possibility but I doubt it all we can do is wait to find out it's almost here WOOHOO
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    Vincent and Yuna

    Yes I do believe that Yuna and Vincent r not confirmed and I don't think they will b but I do hope that they will but I hope they're in Hollow Bastion
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    Sora+Donald=A REALLY fast Sora

    He will have increased mp the glow in his shoes is the aftermath of the transformation
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    Offical RHG thread

    Kairi of course will be playing an important role in the second Kingdom Hearts and she is RHG for all non-believers and she will probably try to find Sora or maybe she will try to go to other worlds to learn more things of her past and maybe she'll try to fight
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    Who else is s**tting themselves right now?

    You guys didn't know about the trailer I watched it like 2 weeks ago or something it was ok but doesn't mean ya have to crap urselves or have seizures
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    Offical RHG thread

    Possibly good theory anyway but maybe Kairi might try to contact Sora somehow like in his mind when he's dreaming in that scene but mostly he might come back to the island and possibly not even recognize her I know I didn't lol sh looks way different
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    help w/ a certain boss...

    thnx and plus I just beat him like 3 days ago thnx to u lol
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    What is your fave quote from KH?

    I really like this one "Kairi remember what u said before I'll always be with u too I'll come back I promise"-Sora something like that 'I know u will"-Kairi
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    Offical RHG thread

    **Spoiler** Her role might be to help Sora along his journey like in CoM She helped Riku take control of Darkness in R/R** and she tried to help Sora in his journey in Kh b/c she helped him b/c he was only thinkin about his friends but mostly her
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    Offical RHG thread

    If u will plze notice the bold letter S ok Destiny Islands more than one and yes it does look like she is thinking about Sora in the Trailer I think Selphie's sayin Don't worry Kairi he'll come back soon
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Yes and I quote u must be on expert to obtain the keyblades above so tough luck pple lol
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    Offical RHG thread

    RHG is now confirmed as Kairi b/c I say so ok and plus she looks just like her if u can tell she does
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    OMG! I just noticed something!

    Woops meant Marluxia thnx for correction but that's all characters with x's not all of em
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    Saddest part of KH

    Saddest part is when Sora stabs himself and Kairi knew it was him and when she sees the drawin