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  • Pretty good. I've been going a little slower on it, but it's getting done. There should be more posted tonight.
    Uhu but yeah, stuff like that is for the future of course! Although hope we can put some very fun easter eggs in our game! :D

    Anyway, how's Land of Thieves going man? :D
    Haha yeah. We could even like just make him run randomly in front of the camera. Like in Legacy City, there's a scene going on and you see him running in and out of sight of the camera out of nowhere. Like, we don't give him any lines are anything, just give him a cameo :p.

    Could be fun to do!

    The problem is, can we use him without getting into trouble like legal issues? :p
    Well, I like it! I'm more a simplistic guy when it comes to melodies but I'm all about layering different sounds y'know. I guess that's kinda my style xD. If only I could get my hands on a Midi Keyboard, then I could start making some more complicated stuff. Things like that are just impossible with mousclicks :p

    Anyway, edited my post with the real final version. Small changes but yeah, I'm a perfectionist ;o
    Thanks lol XD I'm actually not that god at battle themes, lol This was my first really successful one.
    Finally got to hear your battle theme. I edited my post with some critique + added it to the OP (called your battle theme "John the worst" haha :p)
    Congratz on your birthday. Saw a post of yours stating you were 16 while i thought you were still 15. It figures it's your birthday.
    Haha that IS funny xD

    Yeah, and how the Pacman ghost was going crazy when that Wreck-itralph says he wants to be a good guy.

    So damn funny xD
    Yeah, lol XD I <3 how the ghost from Pac Man was there too.

    I showed my Dad the trailer and he was all like "Oh gawd, I played that game when I was your age!" It was funny, lol
    Gonna check it out right now!

    And yeah, I was wondering that as well but y'know, Disney makes money nonetheless so be sure all these companies will get their share as well!

    Love this quote: "It's not because you're a bad guy that you're actually a 'bad guy'.". Pretty funny xD. And loved that they gave Bowser a cameo as well xD
    Hey, I added more scenes for Nottingham in the scripts thread. :D

    And I already saw that trailer. I can't wait for that movie! I loved that they actually put real video game characters in it. When I saw Zangief at their VA meeting or whatever, I lol'd so hard XD Although I honestly wonder how much money Disney had to pay Capcom, Sega, ect. to use all of their characters in this o_O
    Yeah, he is pretty crazy! That's why I like both possibilities for a Jumba boss battle because it both works haha! :D

    Uhu that's true! I really like when any media does that. Talking about mixes, I just watched the trailer for Disney's new movie 'Wreck-it-ralph'. You should check it out :D
    Yeah, I just watched the clip that Arkrend put up, and Jumba IS pretty crazy on his own... maybe just have it so he doesn't really want to follow them, but he kinda has to to keep from going back to prison. And then when the Horned King Dark-ifies him, all of his craziness comes back out or something. :I

    And yeah, it's actually pretty obscure, I just found out about it from a YouTube comment, lol :p And yeah, it's surprising how when you take two old things and mix 'em together, you get something new and exiting from it... Kinda like KH now that I think about it, lol XD
    Yes, it's a really nice idea! I'm gonna wait 'till more people respond though to add another battle, just to make sure everyon's ok with it. I changed the ending a bit also, to make it more like the ending of the movie.

    Nope, can't say I heard of that. I'm not really into like metal (although I like Metallica, Black Sabath and stuff like that) so I'm gonna blame it on that haha! But yeah, I love it when songs mix up several genres! Makes it more unique and is more creative.
    Thank you! :3 Yeah, I think it makes the Horned King more scary, knowing that he can manipulate the darkness in anyone's heart to suit his needs.

    btw (this isn't project related) have you ever heard of a thing called folk metal? (You're in Europe, and I've heard it's popular there, so I'm assuming) Because I just found out about it, and I REALLY like it! O.O I never knew someone ever even thought of combining metal and classic folk music. It's pretty sweet.
    Thanks man! I had like Arkrend's version on one page and switched back and forth between Word and Arkrend's pyramid to really like, stay as close as possible to his version but added the revisions I would've made. I think the result is pretty nice.

    Yeah, I read the suggestion. I actually like it. It could work actually + it makes the Horned King more of a menace. I like it as much as I like a normal Jumba boss, like he first needs to fight before he's ready to help the others

    So yeah, either way is fine for me :)
    Yeah, I just read it :) I REALLY liked it, and I even posted a suggestion for a possible Jumba boss battle.
    Good job! I also changed the Robin Hood Field Theme a bit. Made it a little longer, added more variation etc. It's not that big of a change but yeah, this really is my final version :p
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