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  • I think it will, so long as we hold our integrity! ^^ Next time I'm going to try and compose some music, so look forward to that. Oh! And don't be shy if you want to talk on the chat bar while I'm working. I'm hoping that more, and more people will participate in live chats with the team, while watching these development videos. But once I start testing, I'll set specific times/ and dates so that we can have coordinated a live feed discussions. That way if there are too many schedule conflicts, we'll know ahead of time. Either way, these first live streams will be tests. I'm glad your enjoying them! ^_^
    Ok so last part of the theme song voting has begun. Thank you to all who were able to participate in the first round. For the last voting just PM me your one choice for our club's song. You only get one choice so listen to all of the nominees (in my last post) and pick which one you think is the most humble/best fit. This last round will end Saturday at midnight my time or if a clear majority winner is chosen.
    Then put your doubts to rest. Because even had I not chosen to join, talent runs in abundance with the people involved on this project. Yourself included, Dark Riku.
    It's my honor to be a part of this with all of you. But thank you for your kind words. ^^
    To all members of the Council of Humility. On Friday voting for our club's official theme song will begin. The candidates for theme song will be in my last post so please take a listen.To vote simply post your selections in the club. Voting will be set in two rounds. In the first round please select three songs that you would like to nominate for club theme song. Also be sure to put which one is your favorite, second favorite, third...you get the idea. Voting will end at midnight my time, maybe 1am depending. If every member votes before then, i'll open up the last round early, so vote early. That is all.
    That's a church clock n.n

    If you want the exact same sound, I suggest you search for the midi file of hollow bastion, I used the sounds of that midi to create both my songs :)
    Thanks n.n. I was quite surprised that I'm actually able to make these, I normally suck at making melodies etc. so 'orchestral music' I thought was beyond my league :p.

    Anyways, I'm gonna follow the same way of working like with my other music, don't expect to see music at regular basis, when I have inspiration, I'll make music :D. Thanks for the kind words! n.n
    Hey man, could you check out the new music I made, it's kind of a theme but don't really know for who haha :D. Maybe also a candidate theme for Lucius?
    Ah nice, thanks man! ^^

    I don't upload music on regular basis, when I made something new, I just post'em on youtube soo yeah, I can't tell when the next music will be uploaded but be sure that there will be new music coming in the future n.n
    Subscribed to your YT channel. As for the song, it's a good song, very kh-like piano (which I like) but I don't feel the sadness in the song. If it's meant to be a sad song, you should imo add (more if there are already)strings. That way you'll be able to create some kind of atmosphere y'know, now to me it's nice tune but without any specific kind of feeling :)

    Anyways, like I said on youtube, keep it up! ^^
    Hey man, could you do me a favor? I'm currently busy learning to make music, have been busy with that for almost a year. I made two remixes, one yesterday and one today. I posted'em on youtube here: LinkinPark0394's Channel - YouTube

    If you want to, could you listen to them and give your thoughts? :)
    Yeah, I'm sure it's pretty hard! Don't even know where to begin with something like that ;o.

    You should choose some colors yourself :D. Then you can show it off here when it's ready :D
    Hey man, I saw your 3d-rendering in the KHI makes a KH game thread of an armor (I think of Ciel?). I love it! Are you still working on that? :D
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