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  • The woman looked at her, and started to laugh. It was a long laugh. She looked at and smiled.

    'Well now, that's quite cute. I can see your words are true. You shall make a fine wife for Zaki. If you had said anything less I might have had to...do something regretful. Thankfully that's not the case. I'm glad to know he was with someone he could trust.....granted unless you want to take my daughter Zelda in as a second love she is not going to be happy, but sadly she must learn that you can't get everything you want in life. If that were true her father and most of our people would still be alive. You have my blessing young one." She stated.

    The young Twilight princess had heard everything in the room, but didn't bother to show up, Rather sad and angry that she had lost her childhood love, but thinking it over her treatment of him was rather poor and he really had no reason to be loyal to him. Much like most of her people.

    "I'll I'll do better. I'll do whatever I can to help my people, and make amends with Zaki....if he even wants to see me." She thought to herself.

    Twig however was reading a good while he bumped into the distressed twilight princess.

    "Oh sorry about that." Twig said.

    "You....um what was your name again?" She asked.

    Twig." He said.

    "Well Twig I'm looking for someone, would you care to help me?" She asked in kind voice rather then a harsh demanding tone.

    Zaki himself was not feeling so good. Ash's spell was starting to be undo and whatever was attacking him was starting to come back in full force.

    "Oh sorry about that." She said
    Thanks, I'll take a look at it soon. :D

    I used to have a laptop a few years ago but, it's battery died. Otherwise, we do have a computer that everyone else uses.

    Then you should!

    Wow, that's a lot of Pokemon games. =]
    No! XD I was saying I could use it as an alternative since it can do that. But since its a small phone it can be tricky to type on it. :p Hence the laziness remark. xD
    "I see." She said.

    "Now one more thing I must asked.

    "Why have you fallen in love with my page?" She asked.
    Can I enter? You mean like a line break? For some reason, I still can't do that. :( I can't edit posts either. :/ I can do it on my phone, but it's a little less comfy. xD *is lazy*
    OK. It'll be a long time before I get it to. I just got my PS3, I'm gonna enjoy it. ^^
    Lol, umm... Did you see the PS4 announcement conference? What did you think? About the presentation, games, new controller?
    Oh. First time I've ever heard of a fan game. *u*

    I have an IPad but, my IPhone is the only way I can communicate with people.

    I'm glad to hear you're finally able to start working on pokemon Rome after waiting so long, DR. Hopefully you'll pick up on it quickly and get cooperation from the Pokemoncommuntiy. :D

    Wow! :O
    I used to have a stuffed Pikachu that would light up if you squeezes its paws...I have all of the movies still and well, sad to say my cards got thrown out many years ago. T.T I have a few old Pokemon games. Red, Blue and Yellow.
    It's just big enough to hug. ^^ --- ...I don't mean to be cheap... :( I knew it was something she'd like, so i got it. I'll try not to make a habit out of it...
    The teddy or the tiger? They're both small. I was lucky and got the teddy out of a crane machine lol. x3 It was the cutest thing in there. Plus its pink, her favorite color. ^^ ...Am I too cheap? :(
    Is there like an anime version of it or is it a video game?
    So many of them. *u*

    lol I should of known but, that's awesome Pokemon takes top spot.

    Did you ever collect Pokemon cards or have a stuffed Pikachu?
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