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  • Good lord that's alot of stuff! It may be a bit late, but don't tire yourself out.

    ...I wonder if that move would equal to about three moves in the span of a few days?
    The most that has happened is that I started going back to school. Other than that, absolutely nothing.
    You're right, I have. I don't know which one I had back then, but all of my past names, in chronological order, were umazak, Bleeding Soul, Darkfyre and Mistearea.
    Yea, but that's not really how I saw you. I think that I might have seen you as a type of mentor.

    Anyways, it's good to see that you've come back. Even if it happens to be briefly.
    I don't know why, but I get this strange feeling that I know you.

    I guess I can use this to see if we've talked.
    I really had no idea that you were a miltary kid (this blew me out of the water). I'm sure you'll be quite alright wherever you move to, and congrats on the staff position :D. As far as furthering your studies, usually just go after what you feel strongest in and also make sure its something practical that you can use just about anywhere. While your in no real rush at the moment, keeping it in mind helps you sort it out when your coming upon it.

    And I finally became an uncle! My neice was born at 6:17 am eastern, 9/11/11. Don't think I ever cried this much in a pretty long time, made my day/life at this point.
    Just been a little swamped. My family is moving on the 9th, I'm moving with my step mother and my half brothers and resolving my living situation.
    Also, my older sister is about to have her baby (&my niece) making me an uncle, I'm pretty excited about that too.

    Aside from minor frustrations, I'd say pretty good. How about you?
    Its just nice to see that your still around, your definitely an artist as well as a person that I admire.
    For what you've got going on in your life, I wish you nothing but the best and hope your managing ok.
    I'll have to upload it for ya, most stocks I don't really post and stockpile them in a stock/renders folder xD
    True dat xD. I've been hella busy moving and getting my life back in order, but I haven't forgotten ya. I'll whip you up something nice///
    Would this be the site? ******* Forums
    I'm not really sure if this is the site your talking of because the url isn't Kingdom Hearts Media.

    edit: Searched around the site and found Heart of Fire in the writing section, so I'll take that as confirmation that it is the site you speak of. I will make an account momentarily, and post my fics.
    I hope you can get the next one up soon.
    It was one of the few really good one's on here.
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