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  • Of course, but to see all the pages and drawings you have to register. And that might be a bit tricky; the whole site is in Japanese. Idk if you study the language though. 8D

    ?kani?????? [pixiv]
    It's someone from Pixiv, I don't know their name. Sadly those are pretty much the only drawings of Axel he/she has done. >:
    we're streaming harry potter and the philosopher's stone live on our channel, so join us!

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    That guy totally stole the sig you made for me :c
    There have been many experiments (most notably the miller experiment) that have proven that organic molecules (among other things) can arise from inorganic molecules, which was considered impossible after pastures discoveries which ushered in the era of vitalism (which was proven false).

    And it doesn't matter that humans are nothing more than intelligent animals. We are intelligent. The cause of that is unimportant. We are living beings, with a self identity, and therefore should respect the self identity of others.

    And for that matter, moral implications of a fact do not make it not a fact. Some facts are unpleasant. That does not make them false. This is exactly why (without debating the validity of his hypothesis) Al Gore used the phrase "an inconvenient truth" for his book.
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