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  • Sure, I'll go and actually throw that in the thread. Thank you very much by the way, you are a nice person.
    I'm sort of showing tommorow, all I need is light feedback. It's only a chapter, a rather short one at that. However I'll read and respond to yours soon too. And yes, yes I am.
    Alright the piece is here. It is important to note certain things were in italics originally but the site changes them into regular font.

    Shades of Blue: Chapter One - Wattpad
    oh great, I must have the jitters if my sentences are so poorly constructed. Would you mind offering your opinion on a piece of mine? It's sort of a special project for KHI and many of the members look forward to reading it.
    Dawn, I've heard you give literary awesome critique, would you mind. I don't want to sound desperate, but you're the third person I've asked and 'm going to showcase this work tommorow
    haha, yeah. Though i didn't see the announcement, i just used common sense :p..but ofc, it's good there was an announcement to cover it xD
    Sorry to intrude on you but. I thought I was going crazy when all the avi`s vanished, Its good to know I wasn't the only one =P
    Guess there must be a big bug with using the link of the avatar :/

    So that's why i saved them on my comp, and used the uploading feature :D
    First off, thats not what unfalsifiable means. By your logic pastafarianism and the invisible pink unicorn also MUST be true.

    None of that evidence is scientific.

    There is a page long list of reasons why the earth cannot simply be 6000 years old.

    Once again I ask:

    How is it we can see stars that are 14 billion light years away if the earth is only 6000 years old?
    sorry dawn. thanks for the avi. I didnt want to use it yet because i cant save it in my photos since im out of my country right now.
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