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  • On a note unrelated to the actual content of the debate I would like to say this: I am greatly enjoying this debate. When any idea is challenged, it requires more thought to actively defend it, and thus makes me re-examine and justify any idea I have, or agree with.

    While obviously you and I have very different viewpoints, I am enjoying being forced to justify myself holding my viewpoint. (Notice here I try to avoid fact vs opinion, in favor of the more generic "viewpoint")

    It does make me wonder why Dawkins would not challenge himself similarly.
    Nothing you ever test the bible with CAN have a false result. Thats what un-falsifiability means.

    And no, evolution will never become a law, because it is not a fundamental observation.

    99.9% of the basis of scientific knowledge is theory. Theory is as good as facts in science, other than the fact that strictly speaking science has no facts, only things that have yet to be disproven.

    Heres is a list of things you'd have to ignore to believe the universe is 6000 years old:

    Astronomy, cosmology, general physics, including newtonian mechanics, physical chemistry, botany, Immunology, morphology, pharmacology, zoology, genetics, biochemicstry, COMPUTER SCIENCE, geomorphology, plate tectonics, petrology, stratigraphy, vulcanology, meteorology, paleontology, archaeology, anthropology, history, and philosophy of science.

    I'm just going to go with the most basic proof:

    Starlight of objects several billion light years away.

    and for the sun shrinking thing:

    xkcd: Extrapolating

    I assume your argument was based on the fact that over a 12 year period the sun shrank approximately 1 * 10^-4 percent.
    What i Said in my previous messages is that the Bible is unfalsifiable, it cannot be tested one way or the other.

    A theory is effectively a law. A law is something based entirely on empyrical observations, and forms the fundamental foundation for our understanding of the universe. Anything else is theory. E=mc^2 is a theory, despite the fact that we know it to be true.

    And as for the second law of thermodynamics:

    when water freezes, it crystallizes, becoming more ordered, but gives off heat to the rest of the universe.

    It decreases personal entropy at the cost of universal energy. The second law of thermodynamics does not state all reactions individually flow towards greater entropy, it states that any closed system flows towards greater entropy. Life can easily fit with the second law of thermodynamics as long as there is a reservoir that can absorb the entropy generated.

    Creation of complex structures is actually quite common when increasing universal entropy.
    Thank you for choosing to critique my fan fiction. I greatly appreciate the fact that someone has taken the time to look at it. Your piece is moving and convinced me to write more. There is only one issue that I face. I would like to hear your opinions before I go any further with my work. Will my critique be finished and/or posted any time soon?
    A successful mutation only has to occur in one individual at a time to cause evolution, and has been observed, in a laboratory environment, to create a new species. It also happened to require two proteins that were useless without one another, neither of which were initially present, also debunking the whole irreducible complexity argument. And we've found plenty of transitional fossils, but every time one is found, irrationalists look at it and say "but look! A new hole on either side!"

    And again, thats not what theory means.

    Also, thats now how the second law of thermodynamics actually works.

    Also, and i say this again. God is UNFALSIFIABLE, as is the bible. You can have all the support in the world, but in a system that has no possibility of a negative results, all of your positive results are meaningless.
    But the laws of science do state that you cannot definitively prove god's existence one way or another. You keep quoting newton, a man who didn't even have cell theory to work with. Our understanding of the universe back then was so dramatically different, and fact is, he likely would have believed in evolution were he alive today.

    More than anything, you seem to live by the bible word for word, when science has firmly disproved the notion that much of the bible can be taken literally.
    man this is going to be intense :x

    I wonder how many episodes I have to watch...
    haha well I guess I'll start today when I get the time


    they've got all the HQ you need ;D

    haha well if you start Naruto then I'm starting bleach
    Haha well I don't watch anything on tv since my mom cut the cable :x

    I've been without it for a couple of years now, I just go on watchanimeon to keep up with Naruto lol. I'm thinking about starting bleach soon.
    haha I'll make sure to avoid that one then ;p

    yeah I really don't watch tv all that much though :x
    you know I've never seen that :x

    I always wanted to though, that and prison break.
    So for some reason my long post will not post. I have compressed all of it down to one simple sentence:

    You do not believe in physics at all, do you?
    Eh not really, still doing the classes and trying to get some stuff done before college next month.
    is that so? lol hmm well I guess you'll just have do process of elimination and find out which on works best for you
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