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  • Summer has been great =D i feel like going swimming the heat from the summer is quite hot that it mades me think of going swimming
    I dont have a PS console so i cant really play KH1 and KH2 XD
    Thanks =D. It could be quite stressful at times but not all the time at least i get the weekend off for my work.
    That good for you get to relax after the few weeks of tedious school work :D. I havent play KH1 and KH2 before so i am not sure XD
    Haha i agree that most of the things are stressful these days :3 been stressing over work lately too XD
    Glad you enjoy the manga i love the art drawn by the artist it is cute <3
    Exactly. :3

    I think so. XD If they had Axel... I would live in Disneyland. :D

    I'm saving money for a psp and BBS. 0_0 EIGHT DOLLARS?! MADNESS!!! Ours is ten, which is also MADNESS.
    Oh,okay. Ha,ha! So she's getting into it... I like both KH and FF...
    Oooh, that sucks. -_ - I'm sorry for you. *pats bak*
    It's okay! ^-^ Yeah,me too. -_-

    Really? That's awesome! They are some brave people! I would do that, but I would be in deep doo-doo if I did. Someone went to Disneyland dressed up as Roxas. :3 It was cool. I would definitely go as Xion or young Kairi,I have the hairstyle,just not the color.

    I used to read SB,but my mom canceled my subscription... FOR NO REASON. So I'm just using my money up on manga. LOL,she gets mad at you? I have to agree with you. Kpop? What's that? I'm not rooting for anyone... I'm not a Soccer fan,I'm a Basketball fan. Me too! I love Japan's stuff... lol,yeah.
    It is ok are you having your vaccation now. Same with me :p i have been replaying old games and re-reading books that i have finish reading.
    Yea but working is also quite stressful :3
    Good for you :D hope you enjoy reading the manga :D
    The part where they did Alice in Wonderland was cool. The costumes were awesome!!I like Haruhi's clothes.^ ^
    I can imagine them....XD

    It's worth reading and playing Japan's manga and video games. Their games are really cool and so is their manga.
    Yeah,Clamp's comics are a little confusing. There's so much detail and it's hard to follow sometimes.-_-
    I made my Mother some breakfeast,gave her a purse she's been wanting,and a card. She loved it. ^ ^
    It would be :D i would replay games that i havent play in a long time sometime XD. Sometimes when replaying the game i notice detail i didnt when i play the first time XD. Hmmm.. I am currently working now so i dont really study for exams.
    You should get to reading the mangas :D you can find full translation of KH manga from mangafox or onemanga :D
    XD That would be really funny!!

    Kaoru and Hikaru--The chipmunk brothers




    I forgot the guys with glasses...-_-,but he would be Donald.XD

    I can just imagine them wearing these....XD

    I can't really explain xxxHolic.-_-
    I'm a very bad explainer-I get my facts all jumbled up.

    Aww...Your foot's asleep? When I have a sleepy foot(XD XD)it tickles.
    Yea KH story is complicated. KH is the simplest XD. Yea it could be hetic with all the exams :D . Good luck for your exam and hope you achieve A's. Yes i think the manga writer will finish KH2 after he finish Days.
    XD it's okay! I doubt too many casual fans or people only aware of the series knew it's been around that long. ;D

    D8 Be careful!
    The mangaka(manga writer)only makes them wear the uniforms over.But I don't mind that,the uniforms are cool,depending on the season.
    I've tried reading Tsubasa before,but I just can't get interested in it.:/ I like xxHolic,though,that's by Clamp,too.

    Yeah. Everytime I wake up,IT'S SNEEZE TIME.:O
    Haha i do agree time fly fast XD
    What KH game did you read up on?? I do agree the story get a litte confusing but if you piece things up it isnt that confusing XD. I could understand school could be really Hectic XD
    *Heh* you should though KH2 havent been completed the author stop KH2 manga to write KH Days manga XD
    Yeah, it's been around for a while. XD

    Yep, which makes Belle stand out! 8D

    XD Night then!
    I think he might have been. Can't say for sure. XD

    I dunno; ask Ian Fleming, the dead author of the James Bond novel series. XD He came up with most of 'em. :3

    I'm actually more proud of her in the original movie. She's one of ,if not the, first Disney Princesses to be the one that saves the day instead of "Prince Charming". Of course, Beast VS Gaston was intense. >:D
    I think you broke me.0.0
    I like the clothes....<_>
    Fruits Basket,Happy Hustle High,Kingdom Hearts,Absoulute Boyfriend,Return to Labyrinth,Two Volumes of Vampire Knight....etc;etc.:p
    There's more,but I can't remember.

    I like May,but it's the worst month:IT'S ALLERGY MONTH!!!!.<:0
    I 'm goin' CRAZYYY...
    I see are you playing KH?
    Not really the storyline is about the same :D just that the character drawn by the manga artist is cute i try to find a picture of Sora and show you :D
    Maybe shortform for his name?
    Casino Royale (Daniel's first Bond film) was the best one made yet (in my opinion at least) The sequel, Quantum Of Solace, wasn't as good, but Daniel was one of the movie's highlights. ^_^

    Yep. He's a Beastn' Beast. >:D And Belle is amazing. She's very different from the other Disney Princesses (IMO at least)
    The pirate ship ones and the mushroom kind ones are the good ones.:)

    I don't mind :)





    OH EM GEE!!!!!!
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