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  • Hi, the name's Brol or Dygado, anyway i just wanted to remind you that the RPG is up and you should go check it out! it's tons of fun and there's alot of clans willing to recruit new members! You should at least check it out!
    Well, might be a name that's only here in Germany.

    It's that kind of system where people get money solely by selling products and getting other people to sell their products, promising that they will get money by doing exactly the same.
    So everything is based around the promise of making easy money by getting other people to join, thus working a little bit like when you stack a pyramid.

    Actually, I hear that kind of system is one of the worst ways of losing money there is.
    Ah, the famed "Pyramid-System", am I rite?

    You trying to get me to buy stuff too, eh? xD
    I've heard a lot such stories, yeah. But then again I've heard other stories that go in the opposite direction, too.
    It's all so complicated, but a good motivation is always important, I guess. :D

    For now, I'd rather keep enjoying the time where I can still chillax. ;D

    Haha, that sounds rather weird for a job. Maybe something like talent-scounts? :D
    Haha, touching word there, I have to admit. Too bad life shits us in the face so many times and makes us realize that it's all not that easy to do. That's what quotes like that are there for, I guess. :3

    Can't say I have? Wotzat? :D
    Great minds think alike, bro. ;D

    Aw man, that's much better than mine, lol.
    What business do your parents have?

    Nevertheless, hope you reach all of your goals. ^w^
    Hah, somehow I'm not surprised you'd ask that question. ;D

    A purpose, I guess. And a possibility for me to fulfill that.
    To be honest, I also have a fairly good idea of what I want that purpose for me. :>

    How about you?
    Oh, and don't worry if I go offline all of a sudden. Gotta go to bed soon. ;)
    Oh, almost right then. xD
    Kay, I'll look for it on youtube. <3

    Well blimey, that's a lot. o.o
    Okay, my turn. :D

    Casshern Sins, DMC, Welcome to the N.H.K., Gurren Lagann, Death Note (obviously), Moster, Genshiken.
    I haven't watched that many, really. :/
    I vaguely remember something with that title...is it about boxing by any chance?

    Somehow, I don't enjoy reading manga that much at all. :/
    I'm really weird in that aspect, lol.

    So what other anime and manga do you watch/read? Any recommendations?
    I've only played the first so far.
    Shit's hard. D:

    But I've been watching the anime lately. God, it's so awesome. <3
    You know me. :D

    It never ends, does it? D:
    Oh, it's about 11:00 PM here right now.

    Say, random question, but have you ever played a Devil May Cry game before?
    Nope, I'm too much of a giant legal pussy to do illegal stuff like that. ;____;

    But I hear the possibilities with it are sooooo endless. D:
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