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  • welp, neither dos cal, it seems. i posted, it's late, so hopefully everything's ok with it because i'm going to sleep pfft
    oh, thank ya for clarifying!
    and listen trace.... cal gets it.... she really does. all she's saying is.... reel it in some.... just a smidgen...
    ok, so cal isn't at all impressed that sparky was in the line of fire during all of That (well, technically, he did get out of the way, but still c:<)
    Thank ya. Since Dante's in control at the moment, Dante isn't necessarily focused on punching Trace, especially since I imagine they don't understand what a kiss is or means. They do want to bite Trace's tongue tho, and will.

    Once Cal regains control, however. It's on.
    one final question: i assume dante is still able to move about as Trace has them possessed, yea? or at least move about a little
    decisions decisions
    cal's already decided one thing: she's def gonna try and kick trace's ass after she regains control pffft
    How can Dante protect Cal when it has completely taken over her body from the outside in tho?
    Also, oops, I'm not sure Dante truly wants to fight for Cal,. given the chance, they'd take her over 24/7 pfft
    New member posts can be moderated until you post 10 times. You're past 10 posts now, so it shouldn't be a problem for you anymore.
    no worries! and yeah, since i tend to post at a slower pace, it works out that i'm kinda tagging along with purg. i'm close to posting again in fact, which is pretty rare. can usually manage only one a day, max
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