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    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    We now live in a world where Sora plays better in a crossover party fighter than in his own games. Beyond hyped.
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    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    As someone who doesn’t really like playing 3, these mods are really cool. I’d love to try these out. Personally, they look pretty bland and I doubt they’ll age well. The 2D portraits in the other games still look great. Imagine if they had used CG renders in KH1😬.
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    You know what'd be sick? A Kingdom Hearts remake

    Obviously if someone really cares about a game, they’ll go through whatever lengths to play it. That doesn’t mean the casual rando next door will. Say a guy wants to get into 3D Sonic games starting with Adventure 1. What do you think is more likely? Him scouring the internet for some Dreamcast...
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    You know what'd be sick? A Kingdom Hearts remake

    It’s very generic in fact. It’s the same moe art design present in every single run of the mill anime game of the past 10 years. Simply compare the character art for the leads of 1 and 2 (which DE is obviously based on) and the difference is clear as day: The first is a more realistic...
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    You know what'd be sick? A Kingdom Hearts remake

    So does it’s generic new art style. I’m sorry but I genuinely don’t understand why you’d wanna play an inferior version of a game you like. That sounds like a giant waste of time, not just for the player but for the developers as well. I’d rather they spend their time making a game people will...
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    You know what'd be sick? A Kingdom Hearts remake

    The intentions behind them don’t really matter considering most remakes end up being worse games overall. 7R in particular might be the most exploitative remake ever made. Splitting the game into parts? Turning it into an action game? How does any of that pay respect to the original? I’ve...
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    You know what'd be sick? A Kingdom Hearts remake

    Amazing how many remakes utterly fail to surpass the originals, yet people keep asking for more.
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    How DID the organization find out about Sora and Riku's exploits?

    Plot, baby. It’s all the power of plot.
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    Spoilers ► I'm Pleasantly Surprised by this Place's Critical Nature

    I think gameplay discussion still has a ways to go. It’s ridiculous how people can write literal essays about how the story isn’t the most well written literary work ever made, but you can’t go deep into combat without being strawmaned into oblivion.
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    Top 10 Worst Characters

    Only 10?
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    Do you prefer to own physical or digital version of games?

    Physical because you actually own them.
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    Xion was pointless on purpose theory

    Being passive for the whole game and doing a 180 right at the end isn’t character development. Questions like why he has the Keyblade, who his Somebody was, and why the Org is doing what they’re doing are presented at the very start of the story. But it’s not until the very last days that he...
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    Xion was pointless on purpose theory

    Not sure how you got that impression from that scene. He was talking about the experiments he wrote about in the original Ansem reports. KH isn’t subtle. If he had turned intentionally, the game would’ve told you. And how does Sora’s reaction make Xemnas’ plan bad? That’s more a problem with...
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    Is This Common For Modern Games?

    TLOU isn’t really a good counter example because while those games do have hours and hours of cutscenes, they’re also incredibly scripted and linear. It’s all about priorities. Their direction is narrowly focused. If you’re making a game that has giant levels, RPG stat bullshit, open world...
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    Xion was pointless on purpose theory

    Wasn’t Days the game that said the Org intentionally turned themselves into Nobodies? I don’t recall that ever being mentioned in 2 (though I agree it’s hilariously stupid either way). As far as his actual plan goes, there was nothing dumb about it. It was a moral dilemma. It literally did not...