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  • Okay, this;

    can go.

    It's unnecessary whining about the game, which takes up room, as well as being pointless in a contest to try and win the game.

    And for the rest to flow properly, try something like this;

    I've bolded the things I've added/changed.
    And I think you need a stronger conclusion than "Yeah, so I was going to spend money on it, but I could get it for free".
    One that really shows your eagerness towards getting the game, and your anticipation towards playing it.
    Probably. I dunno, I'm not the one in charge of the competition. I'll have a look later, see if there's anything redundant to cut.
    You do know that since the DS part of the 3DS is still region free, you can trim a few paragraphs and try to get that game for free?
    Why not just trade in your DS for a 3DS so you can play all your old DS games, Re:Coded, and DDD
    Not yet. I've been occupied with a lot of stuff but I roughly know what's gonna happen in chapter 6. :3
    Oh, I thought it was Ova, so I kept saying "ROCK LOBSTA'!" because when I used to on accident, that was a pet peeve of yours.

    Wanna come back?
    Your avatar is still as amazing and captivating as the first time I saw it.

    Death to America!

    And Butter Sauce!

    Don't boil me!

    I'm still alive!

    *Awesome guitar string*

    Summer is the best thing ever dude. You can enjoy no work, no school, just be a lazy dog and enjoy life for what it is.
    Ask Silh.

    Honestly, I didn't do anything wrong. The last time I talked to Silh was in #Junes, I said "Hi.", he said "fuck you", so I don't know.

    I'm not sure if Silh did it, but he's one of the few that can do it and he's the only one I know that would.
    nah lol I'm cool with everyone here, forgot its hard to read sarcasm on the internet :X
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