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  • I'm amazed whenever I drive through any city, man. I'm so used to what I see that I think that's all there is. Pretty much how America operates. Everything is right where you are: why would anyone wanna leave?
    Here you're technically allowed to drink at any age so long as you have the permission and supervision of one of your legal guardians. You are not allowed to get drunk, however (which is determined by BAC of course). 21 and you can do it all you like. You're not supposed to get drunk in public actually, but that's not really enforced. I always wondered about that rule.

    Well, I DID 100% the game on my playthrough, but I take things slow when I do. Perhaps I chased too many Gnorcs just to hear them make funny noises? XD Regardless, I never feared Tree Tops even when I was little because my stock of lives is always so massive. I just don't ever die. Usually I don't die until I hit Tree Tops anyway, and those deaths don't even feel like they count.

    I'm not sure our gaming interests are strictly the same, but I'd definitely put JumpJet Rex on your wishlist if you like a good retro platformer. You're a T-Rex with rocket boots out to fight some crazy amazing bosses. I'm waiting for it to go on sale cuz it's expensive.
    Oh, that makes it sound pretty freakin awesome. Added to my list of seeing things on that side of the planet! XD (I've never even left the US...)
    I'm not old enough, myself. I think they've got a bunch of arcade cabinets there?

    It was always the bit behind the starting point that eluded me. The first was the first I played, then the third. We could never find Ripto on his own, so we eventually bought a 3-pack of all the games so we had 2 copies of the first and third just to get it XD I like them all, but beating the first game where both my stepdad and sis couldn't made me realize i might actually be good at games.
    I usually have around 60 lives by Tree Tops, and I've always loved the wild freedom of that level.

    Well, my apartment is by the road, so it's very noisy. On my days off I plan to stay up at night to record (I work 3rd shift anyway). 2 games means playing one each day im off, which sounds fine. Not like ill have 3am visitors. I'll make the uploads for the whole week and just release them each day after their edit. I wont be making any on the days I work because its too loud here.
    Oh, look through indie stuff. Also try GameJolt: everything there is completely free and theyve got awesome stuff!
    It's good that the wall's big. Usually youre underwhealmed by certain structures, so I'm glad it wasn't like that!
    I suppose not everybody can have nerd night XD We actually have a bar in the city called 16-Bit Arcade I think? I've no idea what goes on there.

    I finally completed the first Spyro. The last couple gems in Cliff Town always eluded me when I was younger. What's your favorite level in the first game? I like Misty Bog with the evil trees and frogs. Definitely love the Beast Makers dragons.

    I kinda wanna do a long game with small indie games off to the side to keep it fresh. 2 uploads a day. It's ambitious, but the only way to be noticed on YouTube now is by providing consistent content. I'd like to do the long game as one I'm familiar with first, so possibly the series: .Hack//GU. It's 2015 now, and those games take place in alternate 2015. Must be fate!!!
    I only have gifts and free stuff so far XD But I have a wishlist!!!
    I usually check the most recently posted stuff on the right side in each spot. See if anything catches my eye~


    Did you see the Great Wall? And if you did: was it actually big and long or what?
    Oh come on Debbie Downer. You need to get out there and talk to some strangers! Go to a bar! You got nerd nights at bars, there?

    Spyro and Crash. I love those series. In the Spyro reboot I gotta say that Eternal Night was one helluva great game. Toggling to Dark Spyro during cutscenes was just too fun XD But I've got the old ones on my PSN as well. My first big console games, really.

    Indeed I am! I've got it planned out to start up mid-late July. Gotta get all my equipment ready. I'm actually seriously contemplating buying the new Steam Controller. I suck with a keyboard, so it might be best for me to get one XD
    I'm referencing my 'Welcome Back' party being nonexistent TuT

    Not really. Gotta be at work in a little over an hour, too. But I'm just hungry right now XD

    What did you do in China? And it's good that you've been with old friends! If you were friends in the first place it's hard to stop being as such.

    I just moved into my own place on the 25th last month and I'm working 2 jobs still. So...busy and always tired XD

    No problem.

    Well, for an early run, I'd say that's definitely positive feedback! Good job! :)



    You're very... self-deprecating. And you don't really deserve it!

    Gotta say, the upside of making a game seems to be getting to play it! Though I'm sure the intensive gaming sessions must grate once in a while.

    Ahh, sucks about the food poisoning. And I've heard about the guides! I don't think I could handle that level of... guidance.
    Pfft, wow! Yeah, China's young people are apparently pretty unhappy with the state of affairs. I figure China's about due for some change in the system, but then, I don't really know a whole lot about what it's like to live there, so I'm probably not the best judge!

    Walls of text are fine as long as they've got substance to 'em! (They do!)
    Uh... wow. Sorry. That was a long time between messages. >.<

    Yes, I'm still feeling pretty good these days!

    Ahh, that's... actually kind of interesting.

    WOO! (stop that!)


    How's the game going?

    And how was China?
    I dunno. I'm cautious.

    ... Who is Raspberry?
    Didn't Dragonball Online get taken down?
    Oh, yeah, I heard about that. Good for Takahata101, huh?


    Uh... sorry.

    Well, good luck.
    Oh lord, two weeks later...

    Have you been looking around for another job? When it gets to the point that the negatives outweigh the positives, it's time to move on! Ugh, vacations... what are vacations... ;~; I'm trying to plan a legitimate trip somewhere for next year because I've not really traveled. AH, CHINA! O: That sounds amazing! How long are you there for? Oh wow, a board game. That's so cool! What kind of board game have you been working on?
    Ugh, the snow is ALMOST gone. I'm so eager for spring. I'll be miserable once summer comes but PLEASE SPRING~
    Don't feel too guilty, I'm pretty bad at it most of the time as well. xD I'm okay, still working two jobs (lol why) and finding there's never enough time to do the things I would rather be doing. The weather FINALLY cleared up and now there's no more snow. <3 How about you? :3
    I've been pretty well, all things considered. Recently my life has been largely dictated by uncharacteristically good moods. Something must be wrong with me.

    ... Batteries. 0_0
    It actually makes sense! :D
    Heh. Some people, right?

    Superman once gave a big speech about how, to someone as strong as him, the world is made of cardboard. I think it was in one of the animated shows.


    I totally need to get Guacamelee...
    I've heard DBX is pretty good. I think my brother might have got it recently, but he might have been borrowing it. I'll ask him about it.

    October's not *that* far off!

    Don't mind what happening? :?

    Ah, well, that's good!
    No, it's a chain of restaurants called Panera. I don't know if you've got Paneras there, but Covelli owns them and he also owns Dairy Queen and O'Charley's. Well, if they hired more people we wouldn't get all our hours. We only go over about an hour or so, and helpers who are part-time only show up for 3-4 hours a night. It's mostly a solo job. And I get how it's frustrating. Our first 4 hours of the night are just a massive time crunch to get things going.

    Well, that makes 3. I was gonna watch it again but I don't ever have any time to do anything.

    I wanted to see that movie but I was broke at the time. Hopefully with my new paycheck I'll be able to afford nice things!
    ... Batteries.
    We use the metric system! XD

    The "world of cardboard" speech?

    *shrugs* Lameness?

    Ooh, how are they?

    Weird Al is life.

    Sorry I've been quiet for so long. As much as I enjoy chatting, there's not a whole lot I still do on the site other than chat with you, so sometimes I honestly forget it exists... Sorry.
    Well, a lot of daytime employees just think we bake the stuff and sit around waiting for it to finish. As if we get to relax constantly. But actually, I've yet to get a lunchbreak that I haven't simply had 5mins to shove food in my mouth. We don't have time for breaks usually. It's fun, but there are very few bakers; and the maximum per night working is 3 people.

    I got a new job working overnight as a baker, bought my very own car, ordered my first credit card, and I'm now apartment hunting. Oh, and swing by the Big Hero 6 thread real quick. I put a project there~ ;3
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