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  • Well, Kim Jong Il actually liked Team America.

    Well, yeah. But what can you do?

    Running out of time. I already know I won't make it. I'm too busy and Disney Castle is much too far from it ;^;

    Well, I've got the savings to pay it easily, but I'm scoping out whether I can get financial aid for it right now. I only get roughly 15hrs a week at my job (not counting my extra from Christmas season) so saving up is at a standstill. So if I can save some of my savings? Yeah, I'll go through lengthy processes to do that.
    Five Nights at Freddy's. You know it?

    I actually hardly ever think of what I myself am getting. Probably because it's usually soap and a gift card or two. I'm not sure what to expect this year, but it's usually the same. My family has a rule: nothing video game related. We're all too 'mature' for that. I've hated this rule for 7 years now. It's stupid and childish and judgemental. Shouldn't others strive to make us happy with our gifts? It's not hard to please a gamer when you buy them a game.

    Groudon is awesome. You get to go for a short ride on him later~ X3 I WAS SO HAPPY.
    Oh shat. I need to play it and get there DX

    Isn't he, though? :3

    Oh, not doin much. Gonna take classes to become a phlebotamist. They're the ones that take blood from people for all kinds of reasons. Everywhere is hiring. 12 days of classes, $12/hr, and only $600 to actually get taught? Ok. Yeah. That's ideal, even if the job is meh. Can't be picky, now! (And I get to stick the annoying human populace with needles~)
    Been playing FNaF on my Kindle, too. The nights are only about 5mins long, but I get to freak out portably for $2.99 a game. I just so happen to have enough to get both. And I got my sister a 3 month subscription to LootCrate for Christmas. And I bought the aforementioned Christian both 1.5 + 2.5. Those are the big ones.

    I guess? But it is a terrorism threat. Like, people shouldn't die for a movie that might not even do anything good for the situation in North Korea.
    Oh okay. So first what is your friend code ? Idk if i have it. Just in case mine is 1220-7774-7155 ID is Tito
    Well I can do it in the morning preferably. So around like 11-12 is fine. Unless were in different time zones. And unfortunetly no but I'll keep looking trying tomorrow morning
    I don't really know much about it, so I dunno if it would have been a big positive thing if it'd been released.
    More like a year for a slowpoke like me! I've tried it. It's fun. It's just...I dunno. Depends on whether or not I have fun with the real deal.

    I'm a time-traveler. I am ageless.
    Well, that's also true...
    It's not much, and I'm pretty iffy on Hyrule Warriors. If someone's it for me, sure. But otherwise? Eh, not really my cup of tea.

    Indeed! But you could harass the night-owls >:3

    Time, my young Apprentice. Time.
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