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Recent content by des97

  1. des97

    Cut Content

    I sadly have to agree with you
  2. des97

    Cut Content

    Yeah, if it really were a problem of disc space they could have simply put 2 discs, as Rockstar did for RDR2.
  3. des97

    Could Kairi actually really be ______

    I'm more inclined towards Kairi's grandmother as she knows stuff from the Keyblade War. Apart from that I have no clue
  4. des97

    SPOILERS What is everyone's Favorite and Least Favourite Worlds?

    Favourite: Olympus. You can clearly see they put more effort on this world when compared to the others. Least favourite: San Fransokyo. It's just a confusing big square.
  5. des97

    End game content ?

    I believe you should just look at the trophies and aim for the Platinum. Took me 55 hours to get it.
  6. des97

    On the subject of Terra and Xehanort

    I understand you all want to hope it's just not another plothole, yet I believe this is very convoluted and suspicious. The only possible difference we could speculate about so far is the following: Luxu gave No Name to one of the 5 new Union Leaders and was left keybladeless as they traveled to...
  7. des97

    On the subject of Terra and Xehanort

    Thank you very much for summing it up for me. I indeed needed to specify I was referring to KH2's Xigbar.
  8. des97

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Union X?

    This game needs a remake. A good one. Chain of Memories got one, as well as Coded. So please, don't let a very important chapter be exclusively playable on smartphones. The graphics and the turn-based combat system do not belong to Kingdom Hearts. Personally, a MMORPG would be very awesome. We...
  9. des97

    On the subject of Terra and Xehanort

    So, if once one's Heartless and Nobody are respectively defeated the original self is born again, how come when Xigbar dies -presumably alongside his Heartless-, Luxu, who is Xigbar's original self, does not come back? Mumble mumble... Probably another plothole has just joined the list.
  10. des97

    Cut Content

    Well then I don't believe cutting Scala ad Caelum was a clever idea to begin with haha
  11. des97

    Cut Content

    I wouldn't say it's our fault the game is rushed. What kind of company changes the game engine after 1 good year of development? That was a reckless and foolish choice. Apparently they wanted the game to look gorgeous but I feel like the previous engine would've been okay as well. What's the...
  12. des97


    Oh yep. Another scam on their side. I literally just played Ux to get that Keyblade only to discover I would unlock it regardless during lategame. I spent 3 hours of my life achieving records on those five damned games. And I did that before all the scores needed to unlock Starlight were halved...
  13. des97

    What's the master of master grand plan?

    What I actually meant was that he surely had the chance to change the future but whether or not he did it is uncertain.
  14. des97

    What's the master of master grand plan?

    The Master of Masters foresaw the future and could have easily changed it. I have no idea of what he could possibly want to be honest. Probably not even Mr. Nomura does. As if.
  15. des97

    Why is moogle in kh3

    Personally, it doesn't really make much sense for Cloud and Sephiroth not to be in the game. Their arc isn't over yet. But yeah, there are so many more things to complain about that the lack of Final Fantasy characters stopped bugging me while I was listing all the cons of Kingdom Hearts 3.