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  • hey your the guy I ask are you really 12!? your a frind with her to? good this page is friendly. Yayyyyyy!
    Im good Im playing ffx-2 and Im so mad! and I was so wrong! First I was thinking ffx-2 is about yuna wants to found Tidus and get back to him. (dont say any thing about the Ending Im battling Cindy Mindy and Sandy)
    but now the story is about lene and the Boy guy Her boy friend and the story starts in the last chapter and ends in the last chapter!
    I was wrong becuse I only go to the hut spots and the only dressphers I got is
    Gunner.thief. worrier.Gun mage .Black mage.White mage.samurai.song strees.and all the specials
    And Imending the game!
    Give me a brack! And I heard Nooj and Gippal and the other guy the first of his name was B are enemies But I dont see they are bad!
    ok, now here are the basics...lol, well, hmm, if you want a profile pic, just go to your user cp, and go to edit avatar, if you want a signature, you do the same thing, just that it'll say edit signature, and if you want to edit your about me, just go to you profile and go to your about me, now if you wanna respond back to me, just click on my user name, which will take you to my profile, then you write me back in the visitor message thing, well, I think I'm done explaining things here, lol
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