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  • After seeing your VM, it's likely that she'll come over herself xD

    But if you want to be her friend, just ask :3 Nothing to be afraid of <3
    That's... rather redundant. It's um... better. Keep working on it; you're just missing capitalization and punctuation. But amongst the advice I gave you, this isn't the most important. From what I can see, you have a grand total of... one post. o.o There's a problem there.
    At the very least, please please try to at least act like you want to talk to someone for reasons asides from appeasing your boredom. I may have a lot of patience for this, but not everyone.
    I'm uh, kind of busy right now. Sorry, but no one can be available whenever you want.
    Okay now, here's the thing. I am not a toy. I'm not something to entertain you whenever you're bored.

    Try to contribute something to the conversation asides from constantly saying "I'm bored" and "you're slow," especially considering you're the one who starts them. Otherwise, we'd continue getting nowhere xD;
    You know, I really doubt I'm the only person you know who's active online right now :\

    Try making some new friends? There are thousands of other members here.
    When aren't you? xD;

    Well, like usual, I'm in class right now. Expect slow responses. :p
    sorry for only answering now, i was making dinner...whats up? nothing everythings down for me xD
    what about you? everything up?
    HI how are you? NICE av were you get it? BTW have you say hi to mc? Can you help me?
    I... can't really say anything asides from "Try to find something to occupy yourself with."
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