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    Cosplay; Organization XIII Cloak?

    *If this is not the place to post this, please tell me and I will delete it. I don't appreciate flamers or people with attitude problems who get off on bugging others.* ---It's not exactly spam, it's helping me out because I am a poor person in need of some money. Not trying to sound desperate...
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    Where is it?

    You can also just buy the case for the DSi. Click Here. It'll be available sometime in May I believe. Better than shitting out about 250.
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    Does anyone..

    Remember me at all? Crap. It's been like, forever since I was here. I think this was the first forum I ever roleplayed at. >_> And looking back at my old threads.. I'd say I needed it. Anyway. I'm gonna be in and out of this place for some time. I might stay if I can get my bearings into...
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    Axel's voice was definitely different than that of in KH2. It was probably due to the fact that he was around different people, he pulled strings through most of the game, and had to be more scheming rather than straight-forward like in KH2 where it was known halfway through that he was a...
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    Definitely Replica Riku, along with Larxene at some points. Crazy woman is fast. :<
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    14th member seems pointless; spoilers

    I really hope it won't be disappointing, that's all. I don't like Xion already, considering it feels like they're trying to duplicate Sora's original trio of friendship, despite Axel not being much like Riku in ways.
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    XIII - How do you think they died?

    Well, we know that a choice few were scientists working with Ansem, and we know how Roxas became. But what of the others? Got your own theories on how they died and became nobodies? Maybe something to do with how they got thier elements? Post em'.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    I'm so lost with all of this. But all I can hope for is that KHII: Final Mix will come to America. D:
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    Have u ever bougth somehting KH2 related besides the game???

    Stragedy guide for 1, a necklace, and Deep Dive.. D: Though I can't play it sadly since it's all in Japanese.
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    I was goin' crazy. XD I nearly got anti-form everytime I tried to summon after the 45th time. Lmfao.
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    Beat the game. Just going for Standard mode with the supposible secret ending.
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    Xi You Ji - [Saving "Paradise"] Demon Related Roleplay

    Index. + Storyline + The Artifacts + Shangri-La's Description + Rules + Joining --- + Storyline "Togenkyo" -- a world based upon the natural balance of a mixed society. Peaceful times between youkai (demons) and humans sustained for many centuries, the two species were brothers. However...
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    What world u wanna live in

    Hollow Bastion <3
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    The best org. member so far

    Axel hands down. >3
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    Rumored Worlds You Want

    End of The World and The Lion King.