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  • I was beginning to think you weren't going to respond. Thanks though. :p

    About the light and darkness tidbit. Turn brought something up which I thought was interesting―the whole beings of light infusing their beings into a nobody like hermit crabs to a conch shell. I was thinking that someone would trick them [nobodies] into thinking that offering themselves to the light would be some sort of salvation for them. Like a prophet leading believers astray, he or she wants to transform them for his or her own liking/bidding.

    They'll feel like they possess a heart―this is a false feeling. They'll no longer be nobodies―the resulting combined life form would be something eldritch ( I'm not too privy on the details yet ). The fuss lies in other nobodies―ones who truly wish for a heart―intelligible enough to see the falsity of this.

    I was hoping that, in an attempt to squash the irrational hostility toward nobodies, one [special?] nobody would show that not all of them are "terrorists" (lol)―not all would go the morally wrong route to achieve an outcome like the Organization. All nobodies want is an identity―a heart. Perhaps Yen Sid or whoever smart enough to realize this would side with them upon reaching this realization. :/
    This was more aimed at you than I thought, then xD;;

    "Finish"? It's still running X3;;;
    But yey xD gluck~~~

    I'll certainly get to it as soon as possible :3
    I'm drawing closer to watching Buffy.
    And in return:
    The 14th Puppet - So. One Piece, anyone?
    'Sup destinykh ;)

    Kinda random of me asking you this out of the and all blue but would you mind giving me your opinion on this? A spur-of-the-moment thought I had.
    Technically it's her first and second albums since Fame came before Monster, who were then merged into the Fame Monster.
    I liked Born This Way, but not as much as her first album. And that one had some 80's influence too.
    Need to look up her new album though.
    Iono, I mean Johnny's good at what he does but I never liked Jack xD;;;

    It truly is ironic. Though then again I think I might've still spoken out about it since Haterz gonna Hate and all that. So I'd defend what I like, like I do now. I just would've protected more, I guess xD;
    ^___^;;; that doesn't sound too promising.

    X3;;; ah, KH; you frustrate us so.
    I'm not too informed about that movie series xD;;; I just remember something about Jack's deal to be captain and it backfiring *watched up to the 2nd movie*
    what an appropriate image xD;;;;

    'm good, having a light snack before an afternoon nap :3 you?
    It's only sad because it reflects once again how bad KHII was.

    And that's not a bad translation. In Japanese they sometimes use the term "--- no tamago", as in "the eggs of ---" to describe someone who's young or inexperienced, on the way to become that something. Namely that they need to 'hatch'. So more than it being a bad translation, it's a literal one.
    Compared to SRK and TAV? Yes, RAX were the best. I think part of what I loved about them was that we got to see how they got together (counter to both SRK and TAV) and not only how they fell apart (similar to TAV). It made it that much more painful when you saw how it ended. T.T as opposed to TAV who weren't that relatable to many people because they threw them right into the "tragedy" part of their story.

    Works for me, I'm sick xD; gnight :3
    Oh you terrible tease.

    ilu <3 Seriously. Oh gods RAX is so the best trio in the series T_T <3
    What I think is disappointing is less so how Days handled the Organization but how KHII handled them. I think that had KHII utilized the Organization characters better, Days could've done so too, but as it stands, basically anything Days would've tried to do with the Organization would've possibly and likely contradicted KHII. So Demyx and Luxord both are "grunts" who run around on their errands, Xaldin starred again in how he found Beast and began manipulating him (clever guy, he first collected intel instead of jumping head first), Xigbar was shown to have more TAV connections or at least an eerie air to him, and Saix was developed a bit in his relationship and conspiracies with Axel, which backfired completely in KHII in light of Axel's betrayal not only of Saix, but of the Organization as a whole.
    When I look at it like this, I once again say I'm quite satisfied with how Days handled the Organization, in light of the obvious handicap being that KHII existed. Yes, had Days been released prior to KHII I do believe they could've done a lot more with the Organization. But then one has to wonder if they ever had anything more to do with them in the first place, seeing how then it's likely they already would've done so in KHII. I guess there's a reason why that sort of thing is only in the novels - it's a fangirl's fanservice.
    But that only makes me appreciate more what we did have in Days, being at least the introduction if not fleshing out of each member's individual traits and some interactions.

    Blinded by emotions... towards what? o;
    I think that by this point in the game there's just too much weighting everyone down. They go there out of habit but it's not like it kept them from "skipping" before. It's kind of one of the signs to the complete end - they WANT to be with each other, but everything's far too broken and complicated for things to simply go back to the way they were at the end.
    Think back to Kairi telling Sora to never change, compared with him telling Riku the Darkness got to him too. Only with RAX, the dissonance is between all three members and they're trying to hold on, but there's no longer anything to hold on TO.
    Bwaha ;A;
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