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  • Well I didn't do crap either on Halloween. I did the same thing as you.

    Haha really?? Yeah the game is fun while it lasts. You can't beat the command boards?? I thought they were mostly easy. Except maybe the later ones.
    Well yeah definitely you should get it. It is a lot of fun. I was gonna go but, thanks to my stupid mistakes I didn't get the classes I wanted and I enrolled myself late anyways... I might start next semester though. So for now I'm gonna try and learn how to drive and work out or something! xD

    At least you are working somewhere...
    Well I did beat it a long time ago. It was fun while it lasted, but not that much replay value if you know what I mean. Haha yeah I did graduate, I'm not doing anything at the moment... =/
    I still haven't beat it...I get bored of it so I stop playing and then play it again.
    Oh that sucks... I know about computer problems alright... xP

    Yeah it is fun. I suppose. So far I beaten Terra's and Ventus stories. I'm in Aqua's right now.
    Lol oh wow that's been a long time... I don't really come on here that much anymore. Or on my computer to be exact. =P

    Did ya get BbS??
    yeah it's pretty good weather most of the time..we been getting rain this year.. surprisingly... though it's usually sunny and toasty.. C:
    nope it's 10:11 pm here... i have to go to sleep early tonight..i will go at like 12 or 1... XD
    haha yeah they started showing it again..once it ended the first time..i really liked that anime... >_>
    yeah Bleach is boring right now..they are showing reruns again... i don't like that they took off Blood+..though was happy when they took of Deathnote... XD
    yeah i just go to Adult Swim to watch anime..so whatever is on their i watch..hence Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop.. etc. ehh i never really liked Naruto..i heard it's better when they are older..
    i don't really watch it at all..i liked the movie..though never really watched that much of the series though...
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