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  • As far goes as films based on Princess and the Frog, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, Moana and the forthcoming Raya and the Last Dragon appearing as worlds in a future KH game does anyone expect any of the actors/actresses reprising their roles?

    Cause I do expect some of them (with some exceptions (due to cost, scheduling and "first right of refusals)) to reprise their respective roles in the game.

    For Princess and the Frog (depending on which characters appear in the next game) I do see the majority of them to reprise their roles (Anika, Keith David, Michael Leon, etc.).

    Ralph, I expect most of the cast (except John C. Riley and Mindy Kaling (if Taffyta appears, which is likely)) to reprise their roles as their characters. Regarding Ralph's voice actor I do expect Brian T. Delaney to voice him given that he has voiced the character since Disney Infinity and in many projects when John C. Riley couldn't do it.

    Zootopia, I see many of the actors return, particularly Ginnifer Goodwin and Jenny Slate. Idris Elba and Jason Bateman will all depend on their cost, and availability/scheduling if they want to return, but I do expect the latter to possibly return than the former, it just comes down to his scheduling, availability and his "first right of refusal" as while he did return to voice Nick Wilde in Disney Infinity he still does currently does acting in films, along with doing Arrested Development and Ozark for Netflix, otherwise they may use Christopher Swindle (Sulley) instead as he did voice Nick in the Disney Dailies Stories for Amazon Alexa.

    Moana, I expect Auliʻi, Rachel House (Grandmother Tala), Jemaine Clement (Tamatoa) and maybe Temuera Morrison (Tui) to return. Dwayne Johnson maybe unable to voice Maui given his cost and he's a very busy actor, so perhaps a sound alike actor?

    Although Raya won't come out until next year, I do see Cassie Steele and Awkwafina to reprise their roles for their characters (Raya and Sisu) if it becomes a world in KH.
    yo~ just wanted to say we're good, I didn't get mad, you were still ok compared to other aggressive responses that lately appear here on the forums lol
    the message got across and that's what counts now
    (left a message here so I don't drive away from the main topic in the thread again)
    I understand how you are reading the scene and I agree that Jack’s assistance is what made it possible for Will to stab the heart. In my post, I wasn’t trying to go into that much detail because there was no reason to. Will ultimately held the blade that stabbed the heart, so I referred to him to describe the scene in the simplest terms. The subject was about the stabbing of a physical heart and whether that would be censored. Sorry, but it isn’t worth my time to go back and forth on the matter when I’ve seen the film plenty of times and I understand what was happening in the scene.
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