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  • No problem :D
    Thanks for the welcome, and awesome xD - call me Frankie if you want, it's easier to remember than Oriax lol :p
    How are you??
    lol xD Just thought I would say hi :) I'm new here so you probably haven't seen me around ^_^
    Thanks I'll try my best =)
    Added ;) Wow! :O your recent peices look amazing!
    Thats cool :) I think I remember you telling me that, good luck with it yeah, you'll defo get into animation school ;)
    Thanks :)
    Lol of course. whats your DA Id?
    Yeah final year means final exams and plenty of assignments. Gonna be really stressful. What are studying?
    Ah its started has it. lol thats good the boys are nice to you, outnumbered by a lot though o.o Hope you enjoyinh it.
    I've been erm ok I guess, ups and downs but things are looking up for now. Have been on a loong break since University finished for the holidays. 8 months =/ but gonna be starting again at the end of this month for whats hopefully my final year. In the meantime I've just been working and being bored lol.
    How's your art coming along? Haven't seen any in a long time :(
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