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  • Your username is one of my favorites on this site. Also, your location is awesome.
    I've been pretty good. I'm graduating this year and hopefully working for PBS :)! How've you been?
    I've been pretty good. My older usernames on here? Uh, I think Lady Kairi and then I changed to Shiro-chan. After that I became Epilogue for...well years. This is James, right? Because I'm pretty sure I remember your name and talking to you pretty often back in the day.
    Lmao this about that college thing? I feel you. I've just learned which people to ignore and tune out, personally.
    i didn't intend to close the thread
    probably that bug that's been around forever that closes threads when people with access to closing post

    nobody really is ignoring consoles because of low specs, at least I am not and I don't think Taylor is either. However, he (and I) are disappointed because consoles could have been much better than what we've been given. it's also quite annoying to see a lot of Sony fans shit on XB1 because it's not as good when they are both in reality not that great. it's also funny to see something as simple as native 1080p being a feature when smart phones are capable of it now.

    also it's really fun to see sony fans get angry

    consoles could've been better and given the lack of any great [exclusive] games we see no reason to get one.
    also fanboys are funny when mad
    Nah man, I think they (Victor especially, I really can't stand that nigga) were just overstepping their bounds a bit. We use the College thread pretty much as its intended to be used, let em hate. You've encouraged and advised me all semester, I feel no condescension from you.
    Yup, which getting their internship for them basically reiterates the handholding.
    steve moved it to FI so I figured my time was up with that thread

    i moved it back to GD so people's post counts could be saved, but closed it because it was basically a glorified but popular FI thread
    Yeah, I was just playing the game yesterday and saw the street and was like, "Where'd I see that before?"
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