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  • Wow this is late and um..yeah I haven't watched it. :T
    btw, Georgia and I might get back together. LOL.
    I know what you mean. Seems kind of down now.
    How have you managed to gain 9,000+ posts?
    Alright, that's fine and all, but it's still stupid to keep going regardless, so I closed it anyway.
    Regardless of whether or not it is a "private" issue really doesn't matter. Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but bringing issues with another member out in the open doesn't get you much more than ridicule.

    While you may have changed from before, that doesn't seem to have been enough. I understand that you feel that you've done your part and that Sam needs to do his, but both of you being stubborn isn't going to get anything done. Both of you think you are in the right and are not going to just roll over for the other. If you want to stop being abused like you constantly whine about being, then try to compromise. I honestly don't think Sam would be so unreasonable as to not at least consider that if you did it right. If not, this shit is just going to keep happening.

    As far as your access to chat is concerned, Sam has been stripped of his power there, so you won't have to worry about that, at least for a little bit anyway.
    Well, taking it up with Sam in a thread and Chat makes you seem to be a bit of an attention whore by making such a public ordeal. It would be best for you two to try and get your issues settled privately, via PM, IM or whatever. Try thinking about just what it is about you that pisses him off, which he has no doubt told you several times, and do something about it. Sam wasn't kidding when he said that you'd fall off his radar if you acted differently.

    You can't say that's not possible either; just look at Victor. Not long ago he got about as much shit as you did from staff and members alike and now he's a moderator and friends with many of the people who once made fun of him. If you try not always bitching about being mistreated and instead try to find ways to change things yourself, you might find yourself in a much better position.
    it is revealed that rose never truly married roy campbell, and she gets back together with jack at the end as well. it is also discovered that rose never actually miscarried, and raiden has a son named john who appears to be about six
    ocelot was never truly taken over by liquid; he was faking it to trick the patriot AI systems and using nanomachines and psychotherapy to emulate liquid's personality
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