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  • It's been alright I guess. College :/
    How about you? What's been up with KHI community?
    what on earth does your inception image mean? lmao
    I am currently leaning towards civil engineering. thanks for the heads up, and expect to see me later on :)

    I never expected school to get easier, so ill do my best
    Since i would be a minority for being Mexican, i believe i heard it would be easier for me to enter opposed to those of the white race.
    i do however have good grades AP/DC classes, and upper level classes such as K and horizon. and luckily i was in the top 10% of my class so i am eligible for automatic admission in the state of texas.


    and now the question is: How is Aggie life? :D

    you've stated before that you attend A&M, and i want to go there when i graduate from high school.
    Was it hard getting in?
    You see the new Kotaku, God it's horrible? There no scroll bars on the sidebar.
    Could you tell me how you found the source for the FFvsXIII trailer? I was kinda hoping to find the source for the others as well (mainly Type-0).
    Well there are a whole lot of things that shouldn't happen in the world that do, and gay marriage is not one of them. Everybody has rights, i think they should have them.
    Dogen, i saw the thread called "Gay Marriage - YES or NO?" And you said that you don't think they deserve the right to marry, is that true? Because i believe that everybody is equal and deserve all the rights average people get, but if you don't, i'm not sure what to think.....
    Yeah, I skipped out on community college, went straight for a 4 year school. Sorry to hear about your misfortune in your first semester. Like you I'm gonna have an easier second semester as well (to lighten the load during track season), so I hope my GPA stays where it is, if it doesn't get higher that is. Appreciate the insight though!!!
    If you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA after your first semester in college? Just wanted to see how I compared to others. Feel free to ignore if you don't wanna share with a stranger lol. Mine was a 3.75 though.
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