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    Not cool. Well, keygen le CS3 for me while you're out, haha <3
    You tease.
    You didn't get on MSN today XD
    well you'd probably kiss anything japanese simply because it was japanese, including hideki tojo's feces, so we'll not go there

    but fine, you're just giving me another reason to disable signatures, you naughty boy
    i kid you not, whenever i see your signature i sit there for like an hour thinking about how much i'd love to bash in the teeth of each individual woman

    goddamn i can feel my blood pressure rising just talking about it
    I'll be L and you can be Light. Together, we'll solve all sorts of mysteries and have wonderful adventures together! I'll bring the Vaseline.
    So how many blow jobs is it going to cost me to convince you to change your signature?

    I absolutely hate that cutesy Japanese bullshit yet whenever I see it it's like I'm unable to take my eyes off of it.
    Dude, up until a few months ago I only knew him as Slaughter or Ryuzaaki or whatever the fuck his shitty name was. I've been (Son of) Sam since I first joined the site back in '04. So clearly the gringo is the impostor.

    Have fun =]
    Haha, thanks :]
    And I'm afraid that I'll have to be submitting my lap top to my tyrant of a mother for tonight.
    So that random IM from you to me..may have to be soon.

    Lmfao. Perfect answer.
    Out of random, random curiosity, and the fact that I was just cruising the Infamous. Post Your Picture thread;
    I don't think that I've ever seen a picture of you, mon ami?

    Haha <3
    Digital Strawberries & Whip Cream

    Any questions?
    Hey Dogen. I got you a Darkrai. I'll be on later today, so we can trade then. It's an Alamos event.

    Diamond code: 3737 9127 3936
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