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  • but...but...lauren is like 4000000% more amazing than i am i can only hope to compete with her!!!! </3
    And how do you get the Vidya Gamer Trophy? I spend most of my waking life on the video game console, ask my several broken PS2 controllers and my broken Final Fantasy XII.
    Merry X-mas!!!!!! Hope you have a great one!!!!!! And i thought of a name for the videos you posted: Orgy Turteen!!!!!
    Havnt watched the videos. I am going nighty night after this post.

    If god cant be around from sin, and his is everywhere, including murder crime scenes etc, how does that work?

    Why cant I repent in hell and be free of sin, then go to heaven?

    Why did god create sin if he hates it?

    I dont think there are cut and dry answers for this stuff. I think there should. If a religion must guess, it isnt all knowing. That suggests the god you apparently follow isnt all knowing or he would throw you a bone once in a while.
    That had absolutely nothing to do with hell.
    I knew all that before, but it still didnt justify sending people to hell.
    Thanks for trying, I guess.

    I got to a Catholic school, I know that stuff (for future reference)
    Do you think I'm pretty without any makeup on?
    Do you think I'm funny, even when I tell the punchline wrong?
    Your application the first time around was put in with two others. Jezza's was voted best.
    The same thing happened this time (only with a considerably larger pool of people). Sorry if it seemed like I was leading you on or something.
    So just stick with a PC then? I think it might be better to just upgrade mine
    Mostly I just want a laptop with fast internet, strong virus resistance, sweet graphics for gaming.

    If we say your comp is a 10/10 and the average is 5, then mine will be like 7.5

    So hype to get it
    My dad is the sales manager at Futureshop (Best Buy)

    You would not believe the shit I can get hooked up with
    If I may ask, did you order this computer? If so, how much did these customizations cost?
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