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  • which of those classe do you like the most and least?

    here's my schedule:
    1st block: alternates with advanced conditioning (weight lifting) & multimedia
    ive got a 122 in multimedia because the teacher fcuked up & gave me a 1000 on a test, and weightliftings cool

    2nd block: english got a 75 boring, class is boring

    3rd block: Earth & Space Science got a 60 boring class is boring

    4th block Horticulture 2: Love this class cause we leave campus & work on peopls yards, cutting down trees & shit. then feed they us afterwords
    Yeah, been here for 3 years xD. But I went 'away' for one year, didn't go on anymore, but got into writing poems and started to put'em up here and well, since then I've been more on again :p
    lolz, well, you'll get used to it xd. You should've seen my first thread, I was bashed all over the place and didn't do anything wrong haha xD
    english 4- i have a 99 in there so far but we have to do a stupid paper on beowolf and hunger game
    theatre- ugh not so well i have a good grade in there but ugh its just fustrating
    chemistry- lowest grade 74
    world history- okay i guess
    communication application- good
    costume design- good its only 3 of us and i cant sew to save my life lol
    math- which i dont like
    busy playing bbs, its funny cause ive gotten to both Terra & Ventuses last boss but cant take em donw, currently playing as Aqua. I hate her shes weak as hell !!!! (also horrible voice actor) what you playing now?
    well like most ppl ive changed my mind about a career several many times over the years, but right now I wanna be a Jap translator. That way I can get my games/manga/anime/ faster. Plus in order to minor in foreign language i have to study abroad, so ill get shipped of to Japan which will be pretty kool i guess.
    Dont say that! Its all in your head, if you think you suck then youll suck, but if your the shit then guess what your gonna be the shit!(this aint always true lol) Now lady gaga, well shes umm.... idk i just dont like much of American Pop music at all really. & i to like eminem drake, Luda. Aloso FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol dont say that! You don't suck you just aint trying hard enough, and if you play on beginer you have to beat each characters story 100% to get final episode. Where if you played on Proud all you have to do is complete the story. Alos if you get a Job you wonthave to wait on a extra check. was a lifeguard over the summer so thats where all my cash come from. You listen to anyone other than Gaga. I got nigga ears for the most part, but i got into j-pop (Jappanesse pop music) & i listen to Rock music only when playing guitar hero i dont like rock music just the challenge of the game
    Ugh, i dont like lady Gaga who else you listen to?. When you get the chance head over to youtube and look for key of awsomes parody video of Telephone, its freaking hilariouse. Also Why havnt you got BBS yet, do you not own a PSP? Whatever the Reason dont play on critical! I'm on Terra's last boss and he's fucking hard, also the 1st boss kicked my ass 30+ times before i beat him!
    yeah well just know that Weeaboos are annoying as hell! Anyway are you on any other forums? You can find ya boy on Evageeks and and another anime forum. Also how did you come up with dontcallmyname? lil'Von was my stage name when i use to rap alot (my middle name is LaVon).
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