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  • yeah well the jumped at her & shes like real hardcore was in the army, but she didnt lose her job.

    a weeaboo is a person who is absolutly obbsesed with Jap culture, kids who throw randomly throw the little jappanesse they do know into sentences. talk about nothing but manga and anime,
    thats kinda fucked up how she only wrote you & a few other ppl up. my buisness tech teacher was bi polar. she ended up choking one of my homeboys. I'm so glad were finally graduating! Anyway what other KH games have you played? Ive played the all except COM & only got half way through days. Weeaboo bitch stole my game, dont feel like going into detail but if you want me to.... (also do you know what a weeaboo is?)
    Ha! Kh2 was also my first game. Im playing critical mode in birth by sleep in the past 5 hours ive completwd 3 1/2 worlds, critical is so easy im not using any other keyblade but the default. what other games do you play & whats your favorite genre?
    i just picked up my phone & realized i left it on KHI, anyway ive been playing Birth by Sleep sense i got home, my brother wont let me use his PSP so i borrowed my homebois. im playing as Terra im stuck on the 1st boss T_T (im pretty good at games but this is redicules) The Wheely Master does this instant kill charge thing when he gets to low health & i dont know what to do about it! Anyway how did you get into Kingdom Hearts?
    clas of '011 thats whats up (also a senior) i use to walk to middle school, so i know whats thats like, also when i miss the bus, i have to walk to school, its a mle walk but its not so bad cause the cute sophmore girl who has a thing for me will miss the bus too just so we can walk together XD. So uhhh most actresses are good looking would you describe yourself as such?
    so like you perticipate in school plays & stuff? (also what grade are you in?)

    classes starting ttyl
    Hey girl, nothing much just got done talking to a Marine recruiter,their willing to send me to Japan & teach me the language so thats pretty kool.

    gotta go to college night at my high school
    Well Terra's story took me 16 hours, partly because I'm on critical mode and partly because I kept trying to synthesize a command that would give me once more (in this game you synthesize commands and abilities are attached to them when you do), and I finally figured it out.

    So Ven's and Aqua's will probably only take 13-15 hours each now that I know how to synthesize it.

    Overall, I'm guessing it'll be 48 hours.

    I'm not even worried about what happens when I beat the stories. This arena mode has plenty of challenges to offer, so I'll focus on that more later.
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