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    when sora and vivi meet...

    vivi dies of lung cancer
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    wait how do you even compete?
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    check this wallpaper out

    i wouldnt mind making it into a nice sig
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    disney castle supposed to be in KH1?

    disney world wasnt all that great anyway.and that was probably the part when you meet donald and goofy but they decided to let them meet in traverse town.judging by HP.
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    is Axel DEAD!?

    im going to give you a rep for this.nope just kidding
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    Does anyone feel sorry for Riku?

    he has mickey right?lol
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    HAHA This is Funny...

    seen alot
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    Need help...

    yea why do you?
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    HAHA FOUND A GLITCH IN KH2! ..but only the jap version

    i paused in Alantica then i realized i couldnt unpaused i was pissed.
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    every body picked ? on the poll XD
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    TT characters

    o yea please how do you get into the struggle matches with sora???
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    wow how many post can you post a day
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    How Do you defeat Xaldin in Beasts castle

    raise your level,poitions,pray to God that mickey shows up 9 times
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    YRP, no where to be found...

    why dont you just beat the game and ask questions later next time
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    The organization revived?!!?

    stop complaining .wait are you really 30?