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  • Hey, good to see you! I was actually on today for once haha, I'm really glad I got your message!

    A gig bag is a big bag that you carry with you that holds your instrument, usually with back straps. They're ridiculously expensive haha

    I'm getting ultra moon soon, finally finished up sun after several months of apprehension on even buying the game :)
    Yeah, me too. The year has just started, and I can already feel it being a long one. I just can't wait for April; I'm taking a small weekend vacation in the mountains with my family.
    Those headaches sound pretty nasty. :( Compresses are usually good for that, and if the headaches are sudden you might want to check if you've bought or come across anything new that could trigger headaches. Things like scented detergents or energy-saving light bulbs can cause major headaches for example.

    I'm sorry to hear about your depression, but don't be afraid to draw. Screwing up is half the fun.
    Heya, the link you included seems to have 404'd.
    I'm sorry for the late response, in answer to how I've been doing, I just got back to my home after evacuating last Wednesday, so it's been a rough week but things are hopefully looking up. How are you?
    I remember that short! It's still a great one. It's so easy to make a troublemaker character annoying, but George fortunately wasn't. Helps that the short is, well, short.
    Oh, cool! Well, if you have a tuba gig bag by any chance shoot me a message xD
    So, what have you been selling exactly, if you again don't mind me asking?
    How are you doing Dreaded? I'm sorry I'm on here so sparsely now, I find it hard to make room for thinking nowadays.
    Pretty okay. Been so busy with Inktober I haven't had much time for other things. XD (I forgot that I haven't posted the recent stuff on my art thread. I should do that. XD)

    What about you? How ya doing today?
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