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  • Waves are hard. XD You might need to look up references for that.
    I'm doing good lately. Nothing interesting going on, but that's okay. Ugh, I know. Not helped that some things seem to cost more each year.
    Sorry about that. I've been preoccupied with other things so I forgot. I've been doing well today. Been trying to get some pictures done but other than that nothing much has been going on. How are you doing?
    I can't place who it is, but it's definitely not Leonard Nemoy.
    *looks up cast*
    The cab driver was voiced by Michael Mccarty. He hasn't done too much, but voiced Ishikawa in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
    I completely agree; that would be a loss altogether.

    Did you hear about the Anita Sarkesian controversy at vidcon 2017 where she name-called an audience member who was a youtuber in the skeptic community?
    Yeah, it was a really sad story what happened to him. But, you know what they say: never shoot at something you don't intend to kill.

    That story is crazy; was his YouTube channel popular?
    Hey! :]

    Hope you're doing alright.

    It hardly rains over here, what with it being the tropic and all xD

    The heat is on the ROOF nowadays! 0_0
    Why anyone would even do that is beyond me. I agree with what RyuHoshi-DeadCrow said to you, and I might also suggest calling the police on the matter, but they may not be able to do anything without proof of who did it.
    I ended up going on an extended hiatus, and I deeply apologize for not telling you. I'm thinking of returning to the site yet again, but I just don't know how active I'll be from here on out. Oh well, sorry about that!

    Did you hear about the youtuber that died trying to do a stunt? Apparently he was part of a prank/stunt channel where he attempted to do risky things to gain views, and he died trying to stop a bullet from hitting his face with an encyclopedia. Why would you not have tested that stunt before, and why would you think that an encyclopedia would have stopped the bullet of a Desert Eagle?

    Hope you had a great birthday! That's horrible, I don't think I heard about that massacre at all. What happened?
    I do have a cat, yeah, but I just use the generic kitty litter and don't give much thought to it. :p
    That does sound like it would work well for litter, though, hehe.
    To be truthful, I don't know. There are some good ones out there, but I think you should stick to whatever one you can afford cause some can be pretty expensive.
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