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    I just saw the recent Kingdom Hearts trailer this morning. What an incredible surprise, considering it is my birthday! I also have been binge watching an old series from Cartoon Network called What a Cartoon, which are pretty much a bunch of shorts that have lead to mainstream series being made like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. "
    Yeah! I ws surprised as well! It was a pretty cool trailer! It had a lot of action and story in it. And happy birthday! :D

    And I didn't know that the Grim Adventures were born from that cartoon, nor did I know it even existed.
    Hey! :] Hope you've been doing well~

    And, no. I never bothered to purchase either. They never piqued my interest. Nor do the newer versions Ultra.
    I haven't indulged it a whole lot recently, but thanks for the reminder that I should! Have you been doing that volunteer work you mentioned?
    I agree, alolan golem looks terrible. At least it's original, though. Alolan dugtrio is the bane of my existence.
    I am annoyed that there is no National Dex for Sun or Moon. Can't The Pokemon Company give me, the player that option of rather I want to download the National Dex to Sun or Moon.
    Nice! Good luck! What starters do you usually pick? I always have to pick the water type first, no matter what, on each pokemon game
    Yeah, it's been pretty much confirmed. Square's at E3 Coliseum this year, and I'm pretty sure that means big things are coming our way. I'm definitely expecting a trailer and several interviews full of news after E3, and certainly something about Union X coming up. Sorry about the fire extinguisher thing, how's Pokemon Moon?
    Hmm, interesting. Maybe after this playthrough of DDD I'll try it out.

    You excited for E3 this year?
    I've heard of both of them. Use to read Hikuru no Go back in the old days of Shonen Jump. I don't remember much about it besides liking it.
    I can't beat that game at all, haha! I am seriously terrible at it, I don't get it. I'm usually great at tactical RPG's like that (my 5 or so Final Fantasy Tactics save files will tell people that, haha).
    Okay so far, I guess. The weather's finally getting warm and I hate it. XD

    Wow, I haven't played Blue in forever. I'm guessing yours is off the Virtual Console?
    Haha, I get that comparison. Well, here's hoping you don't end up there! My girlfriend spent some time there, it didn't help anything at all. But, if it makes you feel better, now she's a 3.8 GPA student down at a high-ranking university getting a difficult degree, so there's always help for people who need it! Almost anyone can get better!
    Nah bro, can't see myself having to do that. It's just social anxiety really, I still function pretty well.
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