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  • I am sorry to ask this but did you pm I cant tell because I had a pm yesterday and i was going to see the name and the power went out sadly deleting the post I was curious if it was you because your name appeares in my recent visitor box and no one else is owning up to it
    That's another very good point, people tend to put far too much stock in rep, when it's actually nearly worthless. Respect is infinitely more important then reputation points, and the two so rarely correlate. I did feel that I should do something to balance out your neggarep though, because that was undeserved. I'm also disappointed by the 'dumb fuck' comments, that's even more unnecessarily then usual in the Intelligent Discussion section.

    Thank you, as well, for giving me the victory here. Although you put up a very solid argument, I will admit that mine may have been a bit better, although you definitely pushed me further then most people would have. It was also obvious that you were more then a little knowledgeable on the subject, although your foundation was shaky in bits. I consider myself reasonably well-versed on the topic as well. I took an interest in learning about drugs a few months ago, because it was something that friends were beginning to dabble in. It kind of took off from there, I'm very thorough in my research when I have a personal interest.
    From what I've seen so far in the drug thread, if you were neggarepped there, then it was done incorrectly. You've asserted your opinions quite strongly, yes, but there was never a point, at least that I saw, where you deserved to be neggarepped. In fact, this is one of the best discussions that I've had in a very long time. You make strong points, you back them up with decent logic, and you've never descended to the level of insulting anyone else for their beliefs.

    Even if you take shit for it from most people, keep discussing like you have been. You're doing very well for having your points attacked by two different people at once. And now you've removed yourself from the debate, but again, reasonably well done.
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