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  • Thanks, luckliy I finish my own so now I'm just working on the one with my friend on here XD

    how's your fanfic coming along? Will it be put up soon?

    I'm doing alright, how about you?

    Nope just been playing Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. What have you been up too?
    That's good, well the one I'm partners with has to do with kingdom hearts that ties into final fantasy chronicles.

    Mine is another Naruto fanfic called Lets play a game (sai fanfic). The one I'm partners with is called Our kingdom hearts randomness. So if you want to take a look go right ahead XD
    Hi ^^

    It's alright I know you were probably busy so it's ok. But that's cool that you'll be starting up again XD

    I've been working on a fanfic that I am doing with someone else on here and my own. So I've been a bit busy too :)
    Awesome Ventus is going to be in it ^^ feeling excited.

    Yeah so probably Hyrule would be a good home world for Link but you should ask the person your getting info from what they think :)

    I think your fanfic will turn out great due to the fact that your researching info on legend of Zelda.
    Yup ask away on the questions ^_^ I'll be glad to help.

    Link doesn't exactly have a home world due to the fact that he is Hylian (type of race) whoose mother dies when she brings him to this village Kokiri. Where he grows up as a child being watched and protected by the Great Deku Tree. I'll fill you in more on this later but if you want you can use Hyrule since I think that's where he's mainly from is the village of Hyrule.
    Been thinking about it.. But nothing has come to mind yet.

    Yup I know the legend of Zelda. I've played Ocarina of time, tried Majoras mask, Twilight princess and the original Zelda. ^_^

    Well either one is good I like both Sora and Ventus.
    Thanks ^_^ glad you enjoy reading it too. Sounds really good your idea of a fanfic. I like Zelda a lot too so let me know when you post it cause Im a legend of Zelda fan too. That's great that you finally know what you want to do. So yup sounds really awesome!
    Thanks for reading my fanfic ^_^ yeah a few people don't know much about Naruto but that's alright as long as people enjoy reading it that's all that matters to me.

    Lol I'm just a nice person. And besides even I have a lot more to learn about writing. So no ones perfect at writing except of course people who write books. But even people who write books had to have lots of practice.

    Btw if you do write your own story let me know ^_^ cause I like reading a ton. And if it has a hero and stuff like that I will definitely want to read it.
    Yeah wonder what's taking that guy who writes Eragon so long... Maybe he still working on it or he might be having a hard time finishing it.

    Not a bad idea write the end of the Eargon series would be a good idea ^_^

    Or make your own story ^_^ instead of a fanfic. I would definitely read it.
    A modern day kingdom hearts story sounds interesting but you do know you can make other kinds of fanfic too right? Like Naruto or Full metal alchemist or final fantasy and ect.. But yeah it does take some planning but it took me awhile before I even posted mine let alone I wasn't even sure if it was good or not or if anyone would read it ^_^ as for criticism depends how much you want or you don't have to have any at all.
    Nope just one ^_^ well when I posted it I started with just chapter one, then after maybe a day or two I would post the next one. So basically I took my time with each chapter. But yes it can be time consuming but people who read it usually don't mind waiting a few days or longer if the fanfic is good. So it took me a few days then around the holidays I didn't post anything until a day or two after. And if I don't post a chapter I tell the people who read it that it will be delayed because I'm busy or something.

    So even if it's not a long story it can be a oneshot which is just one chapter. And sometimes it just takes time to make a story thinking of how it will flow, how you want it to end, and stuff like that. So just take your time :) it took me awhile before I posted my own, then I just went with it adding on as I thought of more to add.

    Lol well let me know if you ever decided to post a fanfic okay? Cause I would like to read it, cause I like reading fanfic's.
    Im not sure if I want to be a writer because I still need lots of practice, I'm not that great of a writer. But yup I did make a fanfic called Sakura's Secret Mission (A Naruto fanfic) which can be found in the fanfic section. ^_^

    Plus it's the first time I ever made a fanfic so it's not like I'm that good at writing or anything and it's only up to eight chapters. There are far better writers then me who make awesome fanfic's :) plus not all fanfic's have a bunch of chapters some are only one.

    You probably could it's not that hard writing one as long as you got an idea what you want to write about :)
    go job dude ^_^, i haven't beaten kh re: coded yet, recently found out that there is gonna be an ff 13-2 so i've been trying to finish that up lol ^_^ (currently in castle oblivion in kh re: coded ^_^)

    nope haven't seen it yet, i heard from KingdomKey that its gonna let you play as both sora and riku, gonna an awesome game shen it comes out, hey who are you gonna play as first?.?
    you got yours on release day as well, awesome dude ^_^, ya the gameplay and the story are really fun one of ghe best kh games ever ^_^. i'm not done completing mine either lol.
    T_T, but i don't have a strategy guide T_T, i get it later when i have more money though lol ^_^, for the secret video i think you need to have all the chips trophies and stuff to unlock the secret ending but i'm not to sure.
    the avatar thing takes awhile to find other people, i've actually found alot of people on it, just put your DS in different places around your room or house or car and wait a couple of minutes, thats what i did, hope this helps dude ^_^

    lol that girl is weird lol
    its alright i've been busy too ^_^

    oh lol well that sucks, so she wants to talk to you know?.?
    lol yup the best costumes are ghe ones you make at home ^_^. lol ya the secret ending was short and mind shredding just we could've been given more info though T_T. well if desmond does become a fugitive i wonder how his story will turn out?

    got re: coded on the release day, one of the best DS game yet ^_^
    i gotten pretty far in it also the avatar thing you can make is awesome ^_^
    lol thanks dude and even though this is late but Happy New Year to you as well dude ^_^
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