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  • lol it was a girl that was making fun of you lol =,) , just joking i've been nade fun of by a few girls too ^_^
    you put your AC costume together that fast dang dude O.O, k just wanted to give you a few tips about the maps and stuff ^_^. ya i was really annoyed by that cus after desmond stabed lucy and then the game dtarted showing the credits i was like "thats all!?". how come the assassins won't work with desmond?.? desmond might find an abandoned animus somewhere or a fellow assassin lets him use his or something like. that theory sounds mind blowing dude O_O, i definatly see that happened, lol i hope that happens in ac 3 ^_^.

    ya but most likely those people might not know that that theory or question has been brought up already so i can't really blame some people for doing that, just a two more weeks and kh re: coded is out ^_^

    Also Merry Christmas dude
    alot of people's theories on xehanort and TAV though ^_^.
    lol me too i haven't looked up any info on kh re: coded either
    ah so it was some person that was being a jerk to you and now it wants to say he is sorry, lol thats happened to a few times, only thing i gotta say is don't let your guard down.

    now sound cool ^_^, you just took some things around your house and made them into ezio's costume, that is awesome dude ^_^.
    lol xbox 360, and ya it took me awhile to get everything too, just go to the shops near the brotherhood hideout and you should be able to buy the maps the the treasure chests borgia flags and feathers, also just have fun online, i usually ignored the requirements for the multiplayer trophies and i got most of them ^_^. ya now that lucy died its kinda hard to figure out what is going to happen. ya can't wait for the next ac game to come and i agree hopefully its ac3 instead of another side story, hope we get to play as dezmond in his own story that'd be awesome ^_^.

    same here it would be better if nobody mentioned their theories on kh3's story until square enix gives us a bit of info on it first, but i do like
    that one can't to find out ^_^, ya there are so many possibilities that could take place in kh 3 hope square enix gets done with ff 14 agito and versus by next january in 2012 really really really want a hint at whats gonna happen in kh 3 so i can start making theories and predictions on it ^_^.
    when christmas is here that road bump you came across will be a distant memory lol, but what happened that was so bad though?.?

    dang it only cost $30 dollars for the wand replicas o_O, now thats a nice deal, lucky that you can get that shirt, lol i have wait till i get a job to i get a job to get that shirt, hope it doesn't cost alot by that time lol ^_^.

    O.O huge hood in white you scare me lol, thats pretty cool though that you were ezio for halloween, i have a question did you do a ezio cosplay costume with your white hoodie jacket for halloween?.?

    congrats on beating now go collect the trophies now lol, i've been beaten it, kinda got bored with it after i got to the final level online and kept failing to get the last 4 borgia flags -_-, the next one is coming out at the end of 2011 o_O, hope they have a really really really hard boss on that one, kinda annoyed that ac 2 and brotherhood's final bosses were so easy to beat in the end -_-

    ya kh re: coded january 11 2011 wonder what is gonna happen in
    ya the whole story was mind blowing, hope sora and riku hurry save terra ven and aqua, its sad what happened to them especially aqua T_T. Master Xehanort is back in terra's original form, wanna see shat his face looks like, Master Xehanort is really cool, wonder how he will fight, also kh re: coded is almost here just a few more weeks yay ^_^
    ya and since we have two more weeks till christmas the music will really make you bounce off the walls lol ^_^. sweet thats pretty cool, so you just need Dumbledore's now, well i hope you get it for christmas ^_^. dang so the wands look just like the movie's wands thats really cool dude, but would the wands cost alot of money then since their replicas of the movie's wands?.? i'll have to cheack out that site then ^_^.
    now that shirt looks awesome ^_^ *imagining the ac brotherhood shirt*. ya me too less tiring then ac 2 was, plus the guards are smarter so its even more fun lol, i agree the calling assassins thing is fun makes a whole lot easier to slip passed the enemy with them. oh, but i know how you feel dude, was expecting more from terra, like being able to use more of his attacks from his LS self from kh2fm like those laser things that followed sora around and shot at him. also was expecting more from his dark mode ability T_T. also you put down LS instead of VS ^_^.
    lol yup happy is good lol ^_^
    ya can't eat turkey unless its on thanksgiving lol ^_^

    lol even on a school day christmas makes people happy lol, the christmas music made you happy and excited ^_^.
    yup and ya thats true, jobs give you money, its very helpful ^_^.
    thats pretty cool, how many of those collection wands are there and do you have almost all of them?.? also do the wands look just like the ones in the movie?.? sweet thats pretty cool too ^_^, does the brotherhood t-shirt have etizo with the other assassins on it cus if it does then that is awesome ^_^.
    you got ac brotherhood awesome dude ^_^, lol i know what you mean the game is incredible, way better ghen the first and second ac games combined ^_^. well i only play kh bbs every few days or so, not as much as before though, wait you have beaten it with terra yet then?.? ya its a really great game i think i saw a thread somewhere on here that kh bbs is getting an award for the highest gaming sells in japan ^_^
    I'm going to ask for AC Brotherhood.. for christmas and that's pretty much it. How about you?
    lol thats good to hear, being happy all the time is always good lol ^_^.
    ya i know what you mean, i usually never get to see most of my family either cus they live too far away or they can't make it to my parents T_T, but when the holidays come around thats shen everybody gets together yay. thats cool that you get to go to your uncle/aunt/cousin's house for thanksgiving, cousins are the best ^_^ also thanksgiving food is the best too lol ^_^.

    lol christmas is my favorite holiday too ^_^, lol i know what you mean nobody can be sad on christmas there is too much happiness ^_^. your lucky, i still can't buy my relatives presents for christmas yet, can't find a job T_T.
    i hope to get enough money for christmas so i can buy th3 new 2011 games that are coming out ^_^, how about you what do you hope to get for christmas?.?
    i'm playing ac brotherhood and kh bbs yay ^_^, what games are you playing?.?
    lol ya its been a really long time lol i've been doing alright just had thanksgiving last week at my grandparents house last week was really fun ^_^, how about you what you been up to?.?

    ya can't wait for christmas ^_^, its the number 1 time of the year, spending time with family on christmas is the best ever. yup the presents lol ^_^.
    Baking treats, wrapping gifts, doing something nice for someone, and just enjoying the snow for the season :)

    How about you what do you do for the season?

    Halloween is okay cause of all the candy, but I just like it mostly for the candy. But I can see why you would tie it with Thanksgiving :)
    Yeah it's really awesome there going to have another AC for 2011.Must be because AC Brotherhood is doing really good.

    Yup I celebrate christmas. Can't wait for the holiday to official start. Put up christams tree already! Got to buy presents soon too :)

    Christmas and Thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays!
    Ah now I remember who they are. Yeah those Papal guards can be hard. But AC series is so awesome.

    On IGN.com they say there's a new Assassins creed or something going to be made. But there wasn't much about it but that the people who make AC could make another one.

    Nope that's okay your not being nosy. All I really did was have Thanksgiving so that's pretty much what I have been up too, other then that watching some Big Bang theory :)

    What have you been up too? ( Just askin too ).
    What are Papal guards?

    Good to know AC Brotherhood has improved, yeah thank you and glad to know you like answering my questions. But sounds good AC Brotherhood. Can't wait to get it later.

    Okay that's good I didn't spoil you in anything then for AC1. Should be fun for you then, boss fights will be challenging including annoying guards. lol

    Yup Kick-ass sounds like a good movie will have to get it and watch it.

    Good to know part 1 of Harry Potter 7 was that awesome :)

    I think it could end up being better then the second one! But I'll have to see for myself when I get it later, great news to know its that awesome. What's the guards like? And how is working with a horse this time? Hope you don't mind the questions, just like to know more is all. Have any of the bad guys done anything as horrible as the first AC? I don't remember much of AC2 finished it a year ago so don't remember as much except for the end with the boss and all.
    And are the bosses hard? Also are there still side missions/quests like in AC1 or AC2?

    This is about AC1 and what I thought of it, in case you haven't played it I didn't want to spoil you so I put it in spoilers
    You know its funny in AC1 ending where I fought that one guy in the end to end the game, I kept dying because he would multiply into a bunch of look alike clones while trying to fight him with a sword. But then I got an idea of my own throwing daggers at the dude and it worked and I manage to finish him off with a sword in the end. Yet before even fighting him shocked me to see all the dudes I had fought earlier in AC as well. (By the way this is all AC1 don't want to confuse you and hope this isn't a spoiler to ya). I finish the game a few months ago and thought it was great yet some of the fights were difficult.

    Scott Pilgrim was a good movie. Mostly like it because it was all video game based, music and all. Yeah the actor was alright but he wasn't bad. So Kick-ass is based off a marvel then.. sounds like a good movie. lol don't really know any actors really well, so I don't really know who Nick Cage is.
    Actually just now I thought of my favorite movie I just recently seen a month ago. Scott Pilgrim vs The world :)

    What's "Kick-ass" about?

    Went to the theaters during summer, to see all the new movies. Probably my most favorite thing I did this summer.

    So AC Brotherhood is amazing? That's great news to hear ;) now I'm all excited, haven't gotten it yet going to wait till after the holidays to get it.

    Let me know how Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 turns out. Want to know how good it is.. or how bad.

    But I think with all the other harry potter movies I've seen the new one will probably turn out just as great of a movie. :)

    Going to probably see it next week. (Harry potter Deathly hallows part 1).
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