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  • You are too kind! lol. My jobs really boring. super easy, but boring as hell B[ BUt i have to keep reminding myself of the money. Where do you work? I'm saving up for a ps3 and the next assassins creed game. CAN'T. WAIT. Speaking of impatience, Birth by Sleep comes out in 3 days!!!!!!!! But i'm sure you;re aware of that :p
    oh my god, I know!! I went into game stop last week to buy the game guide and they said i couldn't till the 7th. bah!

    I'm Marching band, in the drum line playing tenors. I got captain this year so it's been great. I'm also in jazz band which is AMAZING. I love it :D You play any music?
    Also, that sucks about work. I can sympathize with you, today was my last day for 2 weeks. I'm about to be broke here soon :[
    I wish i had nothing to do B[ I have work tomorrow, then band on Friday. I bet your week is going by so slow because BBS comes out next week!!! Correct?
    Fantastic and wonderful at the same time. The shoes I ordered came in the mail today! :D Now I feel like a cool kid with cool shoes. Yourself?
    Thanks! I wish it was mine, I cant afford it. D:
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