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  • Literally just got home from work so I had no idea about that but will edit the OP. Thanks for the heads up!
    oh okay i understand

    both parties are/aren't at fault, and drake technically and unknowingly started the beef

    maybe they'll resolve it tucking their napkins in their shirts and start mobbing like that
    actually, even though i hate drake, i felt he was in the right and got betrayed

    he hyped weeknd as much as possible, speeding up his claim to fame, and then drizzy offered to sign him, and basically he was fine with the career boost but wasn't that great of a friend.
    aha the realest

    i'm on vacation in new mexico til sunday. what's happing with you? you still on skype?
    chilling out. anticipating album releases. werking 4 cash to afford said albums.

    anything special going on?
    Hey Sol, have you seen/heard of Hemlock Grove? I came across Bill Skarsgard, and put two and two together, he's amazing actor, drop dead handsome to top it off. The actual series I'm still trying to grasp, but its pretty intense and the supernatural twist makes it that much more interesting to follow. Sadly its only available on netflix at the present time, but I've a mind that you may enjoy it. Look into it sometime if you haven't already :)
    yeah, i heard

    congratulations <3

    though you no doubt own a copy of the holy quran, i really recommend muhammed asad's translation. i mean, as with any translation or religious text, you've got to keep a critical eye but it's p. great.
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