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  • Biotechnology, jeez, I've heard about that and how much of a horror it is D: All the luck with that man! I'll.. just be chilling out during my les-free week (just had my exams last month) while rooting for ya 8D

    Haha no problem, man! When I have no inspiration to draw, I color other people's drawings (already did it with tons of drawings on LC). The Big Gladiator caught my eye and chose him as my next victim lol
    Hi Eioha. I'm so sorry I haven't been checking your artwork, I'm stuck using a DS now, and it limits what all I can do. :( Most of the time I spend on here I am talking to Kagayaki, my girlfriend. If you're mad, I understand. I'm sorry.
    It depends on how into the holiday the town is. Usually people decorate their houses and stuff. What do you mean by a "taste"? *looks down at hand*
    Yeah, same here about family on Christmas (at least, for mine xD). *hands you some sweets* ^_^
    Your Christmas sounds fun! ;A; You don't have Halloween? Yeah, it's pretty popular over here. :) We usually dress up, eat candy, and have lots of fun. I'm sorry you don't celebrate it over there, it's a good holiday, especially if you like sweets! xD
    That's cool. :) Yeah, the food is great. ^^ What do you do for Christmas? Do you celebrate it? :3
    Oh, OK, I'll check them out later! ^_^ Mostly it's because I've been busy lately that I haven't got around to writing. xD That and I'm stuck for now. :p Oh, I didn't know you weren't in the U.S. xD Where are you from? :) On Thanksgiving we usually gather the whole family together for a big dinner and stuff. Usually with the centerpiece being turkey or ham. :D
    That's all right, everybody's been pretty busy lately. :) Oh, something new? :D I'll check it out! I'm doing good, prepping stuff for Thanksgiving. xD No, I'm sorry to say the writing may take a long time to do. :( And no problem, bud! ^^ You're welcome!
    I set a goal, then work toward it. Do the climax, then the story leading to it. And I will! ^_^
    I've been writing for a while, but this book is an extremely slow process (I'm really picky). I've been handwriting it on paper for a while. Also, I write backwards (do the end of the story first), so the beginning isn't actually done yet. xD When I do get it more refined, I'll try posting Chapter 1 on the Creative Writing section. Could be a while, though. :p And you're welcome! ^_^
    RP=Role Playing. If you're up to writing, you can join in giant stories where you make a character (or more than one) and shape the story through choices. It's like writing a book, but with lots of people having diffferent people that can alter plans and such. The reason I'm focusing on writing is because I'm writing a novel. It's just something I like. I do draw, but haven't a lot lately. I might draw something later, though I can't upload an image of it on here. (Wii is my only way onto the internet). Oh, and I look forward to your next drawing! ^_^
    I've been doing good, just got done with an RP post. No, I haven't been doing much drawing lately. :( Been focusing on my writing. You?
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