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    IF There's a Kingdom Hearts T.V. Show...

    What would you like to see in it? Do you want a well-known anime studio on the animation? Or a certian director or animation director? Discuss your opinions here.
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    What will the 14th Member look like?

    Personally, I envision the 14th member with purple hair. I don't know why. Opinions are obviously welcome. P.S. I'm very sorry if there were threads like this. So no flaming please.
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    Riku x namine

    Personally, I don't mind the RikuxNamine pairing, but the game did focus on Roxas and Namine.
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    how did you get KH2?

    My dad ordered it from the internet. 2 days later, I got the game.
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    The Year

    I've been thinking, since KH1 came out on 2002, and KH2 takes place a year after, the year KH2 really takes place is in 2003. Just a thought
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    Sad when you beat kh2?

    I was a little sad, for the first time I beat it.
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    Secret Ending in Proud Mode

    In Proud mode, you just have to beat all the worlds, or there's more to it?:confused:
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    1. When Roxas gave up his freedom to fuse with Sora. 2. The part where Goofy is 'dead' 3. When Axel died, though it didn't make me as sad as most people here.
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    Why are some of my worlds red, yellow and bright yellow?

    It means how hard each world will be.
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    Give your own kh2 review

    Score: 9 This is an awsome game. Graphics: 9 The graphics is greatly improved. Sound: 9 Difficulty: 3.2 on Beginners mode and 7.5 on Proud mode Playability: 9 Replay Value:8.8 Some not so good things: MOST of the voice acting was great,except for two CERTAIN characters (Aerith and Cid...
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    The Good Old Days

    I made this theory that Roxas and Sora were brothers, lol. I think there was another rumor that there was another female Organization member.
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    Cid and Aerith voices

    So, basically, Everyone hates Aerith's voice (I'm one of them)
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    Make your own drive form

    Power form Sora's black clothes turn purple. Gives Sora super-human strengh and speed. Fuses with Riku and Goofy. Pros: Instead of using keyblades, Sora can use his bare fists. Cons: You can't use magic.
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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    1. Aeriths' voice. 2. No kissing scene with Sora and Kairi. 3. The whole Goofy 'dying' scene. 4. I should have put this first, but the whole Cure/Cura/Curaga taking up all of your magic bar was just gay! P.S. I like Santcuary, though the Passion lyrics are a little better.
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    KH2 is good. ...but only the jap. version.

    I like the script and voice acting. Though, some of the lines were kind of dorky,lame,and/or corny. And I can't stand Aerith's voice actor. She sounds empty and emotionless. In KH1, she had a smaller part, but Mandy Moore did a much better job.