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Recent content by electrikeyblade14

  1. E

    Kh polls

    umm...does 'best' mean your fav? anyway i voted sora...'cause i felt like it...and i don't even know how you can determine who is the 'best' when we haven't actually seen kh2...w/e 'best' means...ok i'll stop rambling now....
  2. E

    Who are you most like?

    i look mostly like namine, with the blonde hair, and her eyes, and the way she always draws, but i don't like her. so personality wise i'm like riku. i'd much rather look like him....*mumbles incoherant words that have to do with how i despise namine's optimism and physical appearance*
  3. E

    DBGT ending?!

    recently the 'final' episode of dbgt played, and i freaked out!!! i mean, it's over?! what's gonna happen? new episodes, re-runs, replace it (*faints*), or start a new series(dragonball->Z->GT->?)? does anyone know what's going on?! (i live in USA, i don't know if anyone from any other countries...
  4. E

    marluxia battle theme

    the music played in com when you fight marluxia is just like the music in dd, only in more of a march! they're exactly the same! has anyone else noticed?
  5. E

    Kari and Namine looks alike?

    ummm...shadow doesn't mean shell. (aka.. you're wrong)
  6. E

    Kari and Namine looks alike?

    yes. in ansem report #12 in final mix. "Abandoned by the heart, becoming a cast-off shell, something that curses the light and the darkness. It is not something simple that we can explain. The relationship of the heart and the body is complex." take note of the 'abandoned by the heart' statement.
  7. E

    Dusk, Dawn (Ect.)

    what's the difference between dusk and twilight? and how can you determine who is what?
  8. E

    Kari and Namine looks alike?

    you need a heart to wield a keyblade. shell=no heart. shell=no keyblade. namine and kairi have absolutley no connection as far as we know (aside from their physical appearance). bhk and sora may not look like each other but they are intended to. New2Ya, i don't think the pic you posted of...
  9. E

    KH2...and LOTR?!

    that's so funny! you don't think they did that on purpose?
  10. E

    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    ok, i'm christian, but i couldn't be less religious(ha! try figuring that out!!!) so i really don't have too much say, but no flames plz. why do you ppl give a crap weather ohters believe or not??? any way, go ahead and say kh could be religious, but that would be the last thing i'd think...
  11. E

    Did any1 else notice this

    you do that , 'cause it is a heartless symbol. the lines don't come to a point at the bottom and i've never seen a website that's said it was a heart and not a heartless symbol.
  12. E

    Was This In KH!????

    okay, i've never seen the command menu yellow or green and i've seen the game completely finished. and what do you mesn by 'combat'? doesn't it turn red in 'combat'?
  13. E

    3 secret keyblades!

    OMG!!!! what the crap is wrong with you ppl?!?! i've said it twice!!! THEY ARE REAL!!! SORA JUST CAN'T USE THEM!!! OTHER PPL DO!!! besides, they might become avaliable under certain conditions.
  14. E

    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    i'm not crazy. you're evil and strange. evil b/c you'd put kh2 on ebay. strange b/c you'd just buy it again.
  15. E


    what do you mean by 'the bottom of traverse town'?