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Recent content by Elysium

  1. Elysium

    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    Well, we know their goals have been: 1 - Get revenge on SDG. 2 - Find a new castle / headquarters. 3 - Find the box / datascape. The first two haven't been mentioned in ages, so I imagine number 3 will also be dropped and never mentioned again going forward. What I would *like*, based on...
  2. Elysium

    What would Kingdom Hearts be like if it was primarily about Disney?

    Probably similar to Castle of Illusion. Maybe a different Disney villain would be the main villain of each entry--Maleficent first, then Jafar, maybe Ursula or Hades after. Personally, I wouldn't have wanted a KH without original anime-esque characters and the FF characters involved. I just...
  3. Elysium

    Final Fantasy IX

    You would think that, but remember how they dumped all the staple VII actors for its remake. *shrug* And I thought most of them were perfect as those characters, too. I still haven't bought the VII Remake. I plan to wait until all the parts are out, or perhaps wait to see if they might...
  4. Elysium

    What to name the next saga of Kingdom Hearts?

    I would say Foretellers Saga, but then I thought they would've been involved in 3 and they weren't. And then the Yozora FFXV leftovers came out of nowhere. I'm not sure how the Foretellers and Quadratum will relate to one another.
  5. Elysium

    Why did people hate FFXV so much?

    UO for me, but I'm glad Vaan was the main character of XII. I honestly never liked Ashe as much as I wanted to. And Penelo is even worse; she's in the same category as Aerith and Kairi to me, as far as being a female character whose entire existence revolves around chasing after a male character...
  6. Elysium

    Coming from Kingdom Hearts, i cant help but notice some similarities with FFX

    The use of FF tropes was deliberate, so naturally there will be similarities. A thought just occurred to me of some that can be found to FFIX--compare Brahne and Kuja to Maleficent and AnsemSOD. Maleficent, like Brahne, simply a puppet of the larger villain to basically collect MacGuffins (the...
  7. Elysium

    Final Fantasy IX

    Just daydreaming about how wonderful a IX remake would be, particularly the idea of this moment of Kuja's: But with this model: Just if they ever did, they need to get some better voice actors. I wasn't crazy about Zidane's and Kuja's VAs in Dissidia (Zidane's was better than Kuja's though)...
  8. Elysium

    Why did people hate FFXV so much?

    Although it's not much, I did like a few female characters in this--Shiva and Leviathan, Sania Yeagre (a scientist who follows you around the world with missions to give you), and most notably Aranea. But the overall lack of important female characters in XV doesn't bother me too much since...
  9. Elysium

    "Face My Fears (A.G. Cook Remix)" to release on Utada's 8th studio album

    Oh, okay. I meant to reply to @Face My Fears that an acoustic, stripped-down version would be really nice. I still wish she'd make a medley of all the KH themes at some point. Maybe if they ever make a MoM II.
  10. Elysium

    "Face My Fears (A.G. Cook Remix)" to release on Utada's 8th studio album

    It'll be interesting to hear what it sounds like. The Godson remix for Hikari and the remix of "Simple and Clean (Short Edit)" for 0.2 were both great ones. I never thought about it, but was "Face My Fears" exclusively English even for Japanese gamers? I know "Don't Think Twice" had "Chikai,"...
  11. Elysium

    KH Producer & Brand Manager Ichiro Hazama comments on 2022 in Weekly Famitsu

    Hopefully I finally find a PS5 this year with FFXVI and a new KH game on the way.
  12. Elysium

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I’ve never seen that heart image! Wow. And what at Xehanort and Eraqus possibly being brothers? I’m learning a lot from this page.
  13. Elysium

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I wasn't able to get many BL novels when I was in middle and high school, only those I could slip under the radar of my homophobic-adjacent parents. FAKE and Gravitation were the only ones, and I don't like Gravitation... I do love FAKE though, because it included murder / mystery and it was a...
  14. Elysium

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    Honestly, I would've never known all this stuff about how the Axel / Saix pair probably got its start from someone with the novels. The only novel I own is the one for 3D... Maybe I'll check out the CoM and KH2 ones then going by comments above. It does feel at times like Nomura is the one...
  15. Elysium

    Spoilers ► Do you prefer the Old Organization XIII to the new one?

    ^ Pretty much the above. The old one had more dynamics at play (I mean, the few times we actually got to see the characters all interacting with one another that is), but the new one is better in that there aren't any filler / dud members included, imo.