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  • :p YEAH. Pretty cool I have to admit! Makes me wonder what other things were changed in the Japanese verison. ;D Makes a girl want to go wander around and try to find out!

    And what? Really? :p Now that's just...WOW! XD I don't even have to do anything! THat's kinda odd, but in a really great way! People normally don't know of the realationship. :p What made you like it?

    And awww. I love your icon! :D
    "And xigxas 8D /gives this in return"

    *gives a happily pleased bow* Thank you very much for the cute little Xigxas artwork! :p For the longest time I didn't konw that in the Japanese verison "Kiddo" turned into "Kitten." Gives a new spin on their realationship, but is still very adorable and quite cute and sweet of you to link that to me! It's wonderfully drawn.

    Anyhow. My name is PON, but you can call me Ponnie. :) Do you wish to be friends? Any Roxas lover is a friend of mine! 'Sides. I might be able to convert you to Father/Son Xigxas in the future.

    ;) Maaaybe.
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