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Enchanted Rose

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  • Awesome, I will see you there then.

    What's your main form of online communication then, Skype?
    You know what, I completely agree. I think its rather odd that we've both been on these forums for so long and have only talked in passing.

    Also, why aren't you a Junes regular? Or do you not IRC chat?
    I can understand that. I was thinking we'd possibly derail the thread. Theres only so much I can say about 'Four' really. But yeah. Weekend in the City is probably my favourite, Silent Alarm, Four and then Intimacy. I was wondering between if I preferred Four more than Silent Alarm but there are just too many classic Bloc Party tracks on there, so it could just be a nostalgia thing.
    I remembered you made a thread about post-modernism once. Figured you might find this an interesting read, though somehow I predict you've heard it all before:

    haha, it just started for me today. Four weeks of the usual tomfoolery, how about you Moani?
    Yeah it's hard to believe I've spent almost 7 years of my life on here. That's almost half as long as I've been living xD
    I will check out your thread. :)

    Goodluck in Scotland. I hear the weather is quite gray. haha What do you plan to study?
    If you were trying to troll than you did such a good job that I didn't notice, so I applaud you, but otherwise, what?

    First off, I'm appalled that you actually give a shit about this. I don't do/talk about drugs to be "cool" and "edgy". I talk about them because they're funny to talk about. People do drugs for fun, or because they're young and don't care about the consequences, not to impress other people. Who gives a shit.

    So in your eyes, I have become "devoid of a personality" because I ironically use common teen vices in my jokes? Most of what I say, which most people understand (other than you I guess), is a joke and I'm actually mocking the people who ARE obsessed with that lifestyle. I like to bullshit around on the internet and I'm sure you do too. Just because I choose to do it by making dumb jokes about drugs isn't any of your business and I can assure you I will keep doing it.

    Are you really telling me to 'think long and hard about my life' when 99% of the things I post in Forum Insanity are meant to be for comedy? Which most other people enjoy, by the way. Yes, I smoke pot. Yes, I've experimented with hallucinogenic drugs because I feel all people should experience them. No, I don't snort prescription pills or inject myself with heroin needles. But I'll gladly make jokes about the latter because I find it funny. And no one, including you, can tell me what I find funny. If no one else found my thread funny, they wouldn't reply or they would've complained like you did. But many people sure enjoyed it.

    I don't think I'm the one who needs to grow up. Judging by how you hijacked my stupid trivial thread due to your own convictions and made it awkwardly depressing, it looks like you're the one who needs to grow up.
    This is a bit of a mindfuck because if I recall correctly we were pretty close at one point, so if something this trite changed your mind about me I can assure you that I won't lose any sleep tonight.
    Everythings great m'dear. Lots of life happening. How about you? Where are you these days? What's new and exciting? :)
    as long as you la la la la LA LA LA LA LA LA la la lala LOVE me~ he's such a perfect bad boy character!

    oh yes! that would be perfect!!! i'd be happy just to be an extra dancer, oh man. <33
    good! wasn't sure you remembered me to be honest. but I've basically just been bullshitting around waiting for school to start up again because my life is boring as fark right now. how about yourself
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