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Enchanted Rose

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  • LOL that's too funny. I did add you on MSN however. I never reach a good time to talk to you, but i should be able to leave you messages here and there and even when you're not on. Aha :> i don't know if i'm poetic but it is good to know that, i don't think you're the first person to say that.

    The new name: creatures that function as the actual chariots of God driven by the cherubs. They are characterized by peace and submission. Tranquility via peace and submission are applied in the symbol of my signature. I always try to find meaning in each name i choose :)

    As for the new smilies, I don't know but i do know that the one that was the fag smiley apparently was the one with Audos face after his recent ban. He was cool when i met him a while back but then i figured he was taking a turn for the worst as soon as he hit mod status. Not sure what it was....but i don't ever get involved too much.
    oh Right
    Gildragon decided to be ol St. Nick, but I'm changing it back

    yeah lots of forum changes. I'm not even sure what you should catch up on. lol.

    you have a good Christmas?
    Hah, 2010 is more or less my DM year. Really dove into the stuff I did and made near the entire DM pressies lol.
    my computer was having problems and i had to wipe it clean, so i ended up getting rid of my MSN account and so forth. Not to mention that every time i try to talk to you, i'm always an hour or two too late.

    you had a bad week, what happened?
    Hey Naomi....it's been forever so I thought I'd drop by and say hi. ^^
    Things have been going fairly well, right now I'm attempting to dig myself out of a bunch of bad habits. (and actually succeeding this time!) And that's the nice thing about turning things in a better direction, you always feel so much better afterward.

    What about you though, Naomi? How have things been?
    Hey Rose!

    Travels are going incredibly well. Back in Hanoi, Vietnam after spending a few days in the absolutely beautiful Harlong Bay. The whole trip has been great. Just so much to do and see, wonderful people to meet etc etc. Im loving it.

    i actually haven't read captain underpants since like grade 2. great stuff, though.

    i've heard good things about crime and punishment, so i'm hoping it won't disappoint.
    Yeah Dear Agony is pretty awesome. I haven't listened to any Yellowcard in a while, I should probably add some of that to my laptop.

    Thanks. I think I am the only ginger. So yeah it's pretty legit I must say.

    And everything has been pretty solid as of late. And I don't mind you associating me with sports and girls at all. I've been running cross country, but my arm has been rather fucked up the past few weeks, so I might miss a decent chunk of the basketball season. And girl wise, I'm on the verge of a relationship with this girl who I had a thing with back in the spring. But, I went from early May to last Friday night without seeing her at all because she spent most of the past few months on vacation, which was really saddening for me. But, I'm working on not letting that happen again.

    How have you been lately?
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