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  • FINALLY! after a year, i have regained digital cable :> may not be much of a success in someone else's perspective, but i do like having a bit of tv freedom.
    you keep yourself busy on purpose :/ ? I would try to keep myself occupied but i never know what i wanna do....and so i visit KHI and various other places on the web, LOL. anyway, i never really wrote the story. Right now it's all an idea in my head.

    How'd you know I got a new haircut, the Post-Your-Pic Thread?? Ehh....I don't really like it that much. I didn't want to take the plunge the lady just cut it too short. I cried for a long time.....lolz. But I love my bangs. ^_^ Glad you like it though. DO...NOT....CUT....YOUR...HAIR!!! Its WAY too pretty. But either way you'd look gorgeous IMO.
    Its good to hear from you as well. I've been really good lately, just got home from Volleyball. WE WON!!!!

    Oh yeah....thanx, IKR!! Livi made that set for me....hehe.
    Well...it was noticed. By mwah.
    But ya. How are u
    Cure my boredom with a story, short, long. Idc
    plz :p
    Been forever since we've talked so I just wanted to say hi!! So talk to ya soon. <3

    It would have been eleven months on September 14th. Which is kind of funny, because that's her parent's anniversary. Yeah, I kind of think that if we get back together, this little break will have been beneficial. We both had real trust issues, and kind of secluded the other in a vicious cycle. And then we each wondered why we couldn't make plans without the other getting jealous; I think that that was one of the really big issues, and it's not so big of a deal anymore. =/

    Iunno, it seems like she's all I talk about, still. So, yeah, I'll just leave it at I think we'll get back together. lol
    Uh, hard to say, actually. As far as writing goes, I haven't been doing all that much recently, but I'm trying to change that right now.

    I am a senior in high school, which is cool because I get to leave school when I have a study hall or lunch, and because that means I'll be off to college in the next year. So far my classes have been easy, and with my multitude of study halls and only two classes that assign homework, I've had a lot of free time on my hands.

    Unfortunately, my girlfriend broke up with me two weeks ago. I am pretty sure that we will get back together, because there is a lot of flirting, talking, and explaining going on between the two of us. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that there's a high chance of us getting back together when the next month, a lower chance of us getting back together within the next week or so. I know I probably seem like some kind of demented ex, but all of the clues that I've gotten lead me to believe that she and I will be back together and happy some time soon.

    Other than that, I've been sleeping on the couch for about three weeks, because my father has been 'working' on my room, and that means that it is uninhabitable. This gets annoying, because I am constantly surrounded by my family, and I need alone time, especially if I'm going to try and cope with the (potential) loss.

    Uh, as a result of this crap with my ex/girlfriend, I'm slightly more optimistic. =/
    And you have flown the coop apparently...nice. haha
    seems as if you've taken a break from the forums, or i haven't come across you as much as i used to. In short, how are you doing? Can't say much has changed on my side of life, but then again i haven't done much to push it in a life changing direction, LOL. Anyways, reply back when you get a chance, and maybe we can converse words :)
    So I've started a new group. GD's Forum Wives. (tis a joke). fancy a honeymoon sweetheart?
    AGHHH i'm so flattered, thanks so much <33333

    hehe, awesome, i read it in a day or so. i really loved it. X3

    no i love when you do that, you're so intelligent!!! it makes the rest of us look bad, i'm sure that's why they get scared. haha.

    okay :3
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