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  • so people are reading your story? haha nice man. I knew others would enjoy it. Even though I may not be able to get in to it.
    Yeah lol yay so exciting. I can't wait to see what other things they'll reveal for X/Y. Maybe we should exchange 3DS friend codes so we can help each other in Pokemon X/Y. My 3DS friend code is: 1461-6626-5698.
    If I have time, I'll be sure to check them out. That would be nice; it makes them balanced between each other. My predictions on their types are...

    Xerneas as Rock/Grass
    Moves like Power Gem/Horn Leech seem appropriate. The dual typing also removes the Fire/Water weakness although Xerneas would be four times weak against Ice.

    Yveltal as Dark/Psychic
    Since there hasn't been a Dark/Psychic combination yet.

    The supposed "Z" legendary as Poison/Dragon
    It would be nice if there's a Poison type legendary.
    Yeah, the general Roleplaying section is largely for general Roleplaying-related threads (such as throwing around ideas, asking questions (the Tavern is more for general questions, while more specific questions can be posted in their own threads), etc.).
    Just to let you know, your thread was combined into the Roleplaying Tavern, as is its purpose to serve as a sort of welcoming hub, and wasn't deleted.
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