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  • there's someone targeting me with allegations sending PM's of users who message on my threads of "evidence" of me being some kind of sexual freak I don't know the user's name but please enquire with anyone who speaks of me ok?
    Definitely send some examples of your work. I spend a lot of my time introducing people I know that are interested in the arts, to the stuff I do.
    You still on here man? I think I finally came off my two (almost 3) year hiatus finally.
    I've been here for 10 years as of the 14th of this month, tell me thats not wild lol.
    Final Fantasy XIV Beta Key Giveaway | GamesRadar

    They only have 1000 PS3 beta codes to give away so hop on if you're interested
    Omg when i finally watched those videos, holy cow! i had to sync ours at the sametime, but it was so awkward see yours xD
    ahhhhhhhhh yeah i figured it out last night after a brain fart. whats gucci my man you keepin it real?
    So this is what you've been doing in your spare time huh? Not even gonna lie it's catchy as hell.
    Haha, take your time! I totally forgot about that actually haha! Now I'm looking forward to it again, though, now that you reminded me :D
    Personally i'm thinking of keeping it this way for a while xD.

    I'm learning more about design at my school now (like we cover virtually all the mediums) and its only a 2-year into a 4-year program.
    You need to get on skype more man, I really miss talking to you. I'm finishing my current semester, then just gonna work during the summer before picking it up again. I might just try going to an art school for my degree :eek: that way we can network a privately owned business through the net or something cool.
    No more blue name?

    Also, you're playing my little bro atm. I have to finish up some paperwork for CC. I'm gonna try to do 2 projects this summer as well as attend E3.
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